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*Holistic Growth Systems: a 360° approach to business growth taking into consideration the 9 Essential Growth Elements: Product, Brand, Audience, Acquisition, Media, People, Capital, Management, and Technology.
The AVENUE METHOD™ by Tiina Wilen


Position your business as the one and only choice. Design your signature client experience, a scalable model with simple processes, and assets that increase the value of your company.


Engineer systems and automation for consistent sales and marketing. Build the back-end systems for customer value delivery. Implement the infrastructure that enables you to scale.


Expand your reach and capability. Grow visibility in your industry, get publicity, establish strategic partnerships, and expand to national and international markets.


We most likely have a system to solve it.

Tiina Wilen is a leading premium positioning, business modeling, and systemization expert helping design + wellbeing professionals and brands grow without sacrificing quality and wellbeing.
She holds a Master of Science in Systems Engineering, Bachelor in Business, PMP® (Project Management Professional) Certification, and multiple diplomas in interior and graphic design. She spent nearly 15 years in the corporate world as an IT & Management Consultant, Product Manager, and Global Process Manager, where she was responsible for multi-million euro offshore operations and delivery performance leading global teams of over 300 software engineers and IT professionals.
She has worked as a CEO managing international brand launches, manufacturing, and distribution processes, and is now the CEO and principal strategist at Avenue and the publisher at Trilingual Tiina is originally from Helsinki, Finland and now lives in the Swedish countryside with her family of 4 humans and one spoiled Staffy.
She believes premium positioning and systems are the key ingredients to growing a spectacular, elegant business without headaches.
After launching her first business in the home decor industry and growing it quickly to sell in 17+ countries through partnerships and strategic distribution networks, Tiina saw that many small business owners, particularly in the creative fields, lack solid systems and processes that allow big companies to scale. Tiina and her team are now on a mission to grow profits, impact, and joy for small business owners worldwide.
I have attended a lot of different educations during my time as a business leader. What Tiina does with the Avenue Program is that it connects the dots to make the picture complete. This is unique. I’m really excited to see how our results will improve in the future.

Barbro Axelsson | CEO at Durewall Institutet

I have had the opportunity to work with Tiina and I value her never-ending capability and performance. She is extremely result-focused with great social competence why she skillfully can engage teams to achieve objectives. She is passionate about her roles and tasks, her drive and entrepreneurship is a strength I admire. I would anytime and without a doubt hire Tiina again and strongly recommend her capability.

Patrick Winther | Head of ICT Service Operations at Tieto Corporate

I can highly recommend Tiina and Avenue. The program and the energy gave me the Power to improve and walk further out of my comfort zone. Made me more digital and crossed new boundaries. It was a pleasure and great business opportunity to work in her program.

Karin Holmström | Artist & Entrepreneur at

Thank you so much for creating a fantastic experience with lots of insights and tools to move forward with some things on my own when the time comes for my business to grow (since I only just started) I will need your experience more on a one to one basis in the future!

Monika | Owner at Viva Habitat Store for Home Decoration, Furniture and Interior Decoration

Avenue is a great program and cooperation with Tiina as a coach is educative. Tiina showed me many strategies and possibilities on my way to my own business.

Agata Ceglecka | CEO at AC Recruitment

I have had the great pleasure to work alongside as a colleague, together with Tiina at an international IT-company. Tiina worked as a consultant and PM for many of the cases I sold to our customers. Apart from being skilled and motivated, she was always passionate about the client and their expectations and made sure we met the strict budget and deadlines.

Even when tough business decisions had to be made, she always succeeded to onboard the client on the necessary path and way forward; all the time with her warmth and passion and deep respect for the client. I would be happy, proud and grateful to work with Tiina at any given time again!

Claes Lemnell | CEO at Nordics VirtusaPolaris

More Profits. More Impact. More Joy.

Operational Efficiency

Finally have a business that is known for its value and customer experience. When you have the right business model and the right systems in place, growing your business becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Perpetual Growth

Finally have the right systems, processes, and tools in place. When you expand your business and have the right infrastructure to meet the demand, your growth becomes perpetual.

Impact & Influence People

Finally have a business that makes an impact. When you combine the right idea, messaging, and model with expansion tactics, you become seen as the influencer and changemaker in your industry.


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