The Influence Accelerator

- Become seen as the # 1 in your industry -

Turn your expertise into a profitable business.
Engineer a simple growth system to sell confidently, predictably, and with ease.
Become seen as the first choice in your industry.
Over the next 12 weeks, you’ll implement the key elements of your Growth Plan.


The goal of this program is simple: create a system to make more sales.

We help you to implement a simple, yet powerful methodology for growth.

You implement the key growth activators every business needs in order to sell in the digital age.

We guide you through it.

Turn your expertise to a profitable business

Identify how to get people to buy your product/service

Create an offer they can't refuse

Create your branded client attractor to fill your pipeline with the right prospects

Design a simple yet powerful marketing system utilizing modern digital tools

Implement a sales process that feels good for you and for your client

Design the key strategy to position your brand as the one everyone wants to work with

Engineer a high-level positioning technique to make you become the one and only choice in your market

Design an advanced strategy to increase your profitability immediately


We’re here to eliminate your confusion.


You will get a system for increasing your revenue.


No shiny objects, no tech confusion.

Just a plain simple engine to become known in your industry and

sell your products / services fast.


Listen, friend. We need to talk about this…

Most beginner entrepreneurs try to figure out stuff that doesn’t matter yet, for example:

“what technology to use for my online courses” or “what webinar platform to use”…


Here’s the problem: NONE of that matters if you don’t make sales.


So, before we get into the tech / tactic / tool paralysis, let’s make sure you sell your thing, OK?

(We can then help you to take your business to the next level)

Create an offer your ideal clients can’t refuse

Engineer a system for marketing & sales

Become the first choice in your industry


Bi-weekly live implementation workshops.

Ask your specific questions direct in our implementation calls.

If you can’t join live, you can catch up the recording afterward.




You don’t need to ‘learn more’. You must implement and take action. This program is TAILORED for actiontakers who want to get results fast.


For us, your business success equals our personal success.

That’s why, we give you everything we got, and in return:

You commit to do the work. Bueno?

OKAY, how can I get started?


1000 USD / 3 X 350 USD Eventual VAT to be added

12 weeks intensive with bi-weekly coaching calls
Secure online payment with credit card / PayPal
Avenue Influence Accelerator Program

Live workshops & Q&A calls


Strategic Planning Program

Invitation to the Avenue For Growth Members only CEO week


3200 USD / 3 X 1200 USD Eventual VAT to be added

3 x 1-on-1 workshops

12 weeks intensive with bi-weekly coaching calls

Secure online payment with credit card / PayPal
Avenue Influence Accelerator Program


Private coaching chat with your dedicated coach

Weekly accountability check-in with your coach

Live workshops & Q&A calls


Strategic Planning Program

Invitation to the Avenue For Growth Members only CEO week

Not sure yet? Let’s chat!



All our members begin with our Strategic Planning System. This system helps you find focus, and know what exactly you need to do to get to the next level. This is also the backbone of our popular CEO weeks.

We set KPI’s and other metrics.
We practice effective time management.
We calculate profitability.
We practice decisions making.
And we implement a process for quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning & follow up.


I'm a beginner with no business yet, can I join?

Yes, you can join if you’re ready and willing to build a business right from the start.

How long is the program?

12 weeks implementation with bi-weekly calls.

What's the difference in prices?

We offer two alternatives:

  • work in a group
  • work with a dedicated coach

If you are confident you can implement the sales & marketing system with the help of our video lessons, guides and group calls, then the FOUNDATION is a great choice.

If you’s like to have monthly consultations with a Certified Avenue Coach, and have access to 1-on-1 chat tool, then select the PRIVATE option.

Can I maintain access to the program after 12 weeks implementation?

Yes, let us know about it at the end of your 12 weeks period.

Can I access all the materials at once?

Yes, but we believe in FOCUSED action, so we will guide you through this implementation program one step per week.

I'm building a coaching business, consulting, b2b, b2c. This works?

We are particularly specialized in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that’s up to you.

If you do the job, our systems and strategies work for your business. As long as you own your brand and business (ie we only work with CEO / owner and not with team / employees), have high ambitions and healthy work ethic, and also are a person who takes action, the Avenue Method works for you.

What's the difference between Avenue Influence Accelerator and Avenue for Growth / Legacy Programs?

  • Influence Accelerator is perfect for you who don’t have a steady sales system in place.
  • Avenue For Growth is for you who is making atleast 50k EUR/USD per annual and ready for the next level.

Avenue For Growth / Legacy Programs are business development & growth consulting programs, where we work on high-level business modelling, next level strategies for growth, systems, automation, KPI’s, team management and leadership.

The main difference are the level of strategies, individual assessements, and 1-on-1 support and the level of advanced trainings that are part of the Avenue For Growth / Legacy Programs.

If you’d like to apply to our Avenue For Growth / Legacy Program, please check Avenue For Growth Program to read more.

Can I start with Influence Accelerator and then join to Avenue For Growth / Legacy Programs when I'm ready for the next level?

Yes, of course!

I want more private coaching, can you help me?

Yes, check out our offer with personal coach.

Do you have physical meetings?

Yes, and you will get a special members’ discount on our live / physical meetings!

Can my team members use my login?

No. You can share your login with one additional owner if you have a partner, for example a spouse, but you can’t share your login with team members, VA’s or any other 3rd parts. We only work with CEO’s / owners!

What's your workshop schedule?

We will try to find a timeslot that works for everyone, but it’s not always possible. You can send your questions in advance and then listen to the recording if you can’t make it live.

I live in different country than you

We have members from all over Europe & beyond! You will have access to the program online so that you can fit your progress around your life. We rotate the call hours to accommodate our international members.

How much time will it take?

This is very individual and depends on so many factors. You should have at least 2 hrs / week for implementation.

But, our goal with this implementation program is that you make you first 10-50 000 USD / EUR, how quickly you get there is up to you.

How much access do I have to Tiina / coaches?

You will meet Tiina at the workshops and Q&A calls. If you need more support, kindly select the PRIVATE tier.

Tiina, I saw another coach offer exactly same stuff! Copycat?

Thanks for paying attention to it! You may have come across one of our fantastic certified coaches who owns the right to sell the Avenue Programs and Products. You will meet them at our workshops! But if it is someone who is not certified and has copied our site so please tell us so we can go gangster on them.


This is a consulting & coaching service with 25% Swedish VAT…

  • If you have a valid EU VAT number –> no VAT is added.
  • If you’re outside of EU VAT zone –> no VAT is added.
  • EU with no valid VAT number –> 25% Swedish VAT is added.
  • Swedish VAT number –> 25% Swedish VAT is added.

If this is confusing, please check with your accountant 🙂