We work with experts, service professionals and iconic product brands who want to become digitally confident and build elegant, modern, and scalable companies.

Do you…

  • have a good business but you want more?
  • know you need a holistic growth strategy and support to get there?
  • need help with making the right decisions at different stages of your growth avenue?
  • need a bouncing partner who is invested in your growth and understands your business? 
  • desire continuous 1:1 coaching & consulting to grow your business?


Avenue Advisory is a private consulting & coaching program designed to take your business to the next level. This is for the CEO / owner of a small business who wants private, personalized coaching and consulting. We work together and solve one or several growth-related challenges together.




We schedule 15-min Growth Assessment call to talk about your business. In the call, we will assess your current stage and decide whether to partner up to grow your business.




We schedule a 90-minute DESIGN workshop. In this workshop, we tailor a plan for you. We decide whether you need implementation help and if yes, which one of our packages fits your needs.




If we decide to work together to implement your plan, we dive into it. During the first 3 months, we focus on implementing the plan we created in our DESIGN workshop.

INVESTMENT: € 10 000 or 3 x €3 500



If we want to continue working together, we work together on a monthly basis for as long as it benefits us both. We can also switch between packages at this point.

INVESTMENT: € 1 500 / month

We focus on holistic growth activities, but what exactly they are, depends on your business. We use a bespoke growth assessment to determine your stage and work through your ideas and vision to create a strategy and action plan tailored to you. Then we help you implement it.

If you want to learn about our capacities and skills, you should study The Avenue Growth System™ first. 



You can join our educational events and group implementation labs if you want, but you primarily work privately with us. You will also get access to Avenue Momentum with hundreds of resources we can use in our work. But if you prefer not to take part in any of the educational assets & tools we provide, that’s okay too!

We have learned that 3 months is a minimum timeframe to be able to create a custom strategy and action plan, implement it, and get tangible results. So our minimum is 3 months commitment. After the ACTIVATION, you can choose to continue working with us one month at a time.

Yes. If you feel like you can implement the plan by yourself, then we don’t need to partner up for the ACTIVATION.

We might work on implementing specific growth activators such as:

  • Your premium positioning and brand
  • A new business idea
  • A new product / service launch
  • Your digital customer acquisition system
  • A plan to transform your business into something new and exciting
  • Your elevated, systemized client experience
  • Online course setup
  • An internationalization game plan

We will figure it out together and help you implement it.

We use Zoom for our consulting calls, and we decide how often we get together. The most common is to meet every 2 weeks to progress according to our plan.

You will also get access to our bespoke project management tool where we exchange emails and chats, documents, and all things we co-create.  If you would like to meet in-person, you are welcome to come to Stockholm / Malaga for a meeting.

Unfortunately, no. We only take on clients who already have proven business models and solid cash flow, and they need next-level advisory. If you are just starting out, please join the Essentials Program!

That’s normal, book a call with Tiina to talk it through. We will help you figure out your next move with or without us!