We work with experts, service professionals and iconic product brands who want to become digitally confident and build elegant, modern, and scalable companies.

Do you…

  • want to position your business and brand as the best logical choice for your market?
  • want to elevate your value delivery and service excellence?
  • want to have a clear offer structure that increases your profits and joy?
  • want to learn how to create demand for your services/products?
  • want to sell to consumers or companies with ease?
  • want to get systematic with your marketing activities?

It’s time to elevate your business and grow

Maybe, you’re wondering… “what does it take to get clients? The “others” seem to be making big bucks using social media and systems, yet my sales are not consistent”


You’ve got customers but honestly… your operations are a mess. You sell whatever to whomever and your clients send you text messages on Saturday mornings…


You have been successfully selling your products and services for a while, yet you feel like you’re falling out of love with your business. Now what?

Well, here’s something we know:


You CAN turn your frustration into clarity, a messy business into an elegant, systems-driven company with a clear structure and great profit margins.

You CAN get all the customers you want, and grow a fun, profitable business without sacrificing quality & wellbeing.

You CAN design a Signature Client Experience that keeps them (and you) happy and relaxed and makes your past clients come back and refer you to their friends.

You CAN redesign your business and fall in love with it, again.


How about we hook arms and elevate your business in 12 short weeks?

“Growth is complex” you might think

And it’s true. Here’s why:

  • Growth doesn’t happen by accident – you need to carve out time to plan and execute at a new level
  • Allowing your clients set the rules for your business will never make you successful, regardless of what success means to you. It’s time to take the power back, set boundaries and non-negotiables, and design a premium customer experience
  • Contrary to common belief, creating clear and definite rules for your business does not scare your clients away – it makes them trust you as a company, and value your expertise
  • Moving from one business type to another is painful and requires a new set of skills and resources
  • The cookie-cutter growth models don’t work for you – your business is as unique as you, so both you and your business need a bespoke strategy and growth systems
  • Marketing is elementary, but useless if you don’t know what your positioning is and don’t have a well-functioning sales engine in place
  • Doing random social media posting does not grow your revenue. It for sure looks like that’s what competitors are doing but in reality, the ones who thrive have figured out a few secrets that you haven’t (yet)
  • Hunting for customers is bad for your wellbeing and reputation – smart companies build demand for their services and products
  • Knowing your Key Growth Metrics is the only way to determine how to grow – no more doing stuff that doesn’t work for you!

Growth is also a CHOICE.

You need to choose to become systematic and build the right assets that will take your business to the next stage.

Install the Avenue Growth System™ and grow with elegance and ease.

Establish Your Premium Positioning


Position your brand and business as the leading player in your market, bringing you customers, partners, suppliers, and media that help you grow and scale. Become known for your uniqueness, and learn how to communicate it with confidence.

Elevate Your Client Experience


Design a premium business concept, scalable model, and assets that increase the value of your company. Elevate your business by designing a Signature Client Experience with premium onboarding, fulfillment, offboarding, and leveraging processes.

Systemize Your Client Acquisition


Engineer a sales and marketing system that brings your new leads every day, and turns them into customers and clients consistently. The system needs to be designed to work with your offer, that’s why other cookie-cutter approaches do not work.


Avenue For Growth

Our flagship program Avenue For Growth is a consulting, education, and implementation intensive dedicated to helping you redesign your positioning, elevate your client experience and systemize your marketing, sales and branding.


Service/Product Business owners at any stage, ready for systematic growth.

  • Position you as the right choice for your ideal clients.
  • Elevate your signature customer experience by designing premium onboarding, fulfillment, offboarding and leveraging processes.
  • Systemize and digitalize your offers and delivery processes.
  • Finally master sales and marketing.
  • Automate the key functions of your client acquisition process.
  • Get clarity and a simple structure for your marketing and visibility.

Will it work for me?

We work with Premium Service & Product Businesses selling to consumers or companies. The first thing we establish when you join the program is your business model, which in turn will put you on the right business model track: premium service, physical product, digital product, or location-based business.


You offer premium services; interior design, gardening, consulting, etc services to consumers or businesses


You offer products within the home, hospitality, or wellbeing niche to consumers, retail stores, or partners


You offer digital products such as online courses, digital designs, or memberships to your customers


You offer experiences locally, such as a store, boutique hotel, restaurant or a showroom

The truth is: you could have many of these models, and most of our clients have. You might be selling premium services to a certain market, and want to launch an online course or a product line. We decide at the beginning of the program what your track will be.


During the 12-week program, you pick ONE FOCUS and we build a bespoke growth system for it. But you will also get access to all the tracks for future development.


  • Your positioning is a bit meh – people (and you) don’t quite understand what you do, for whom, and how
  • Your offers are all-over-the-place… in fact, you offer whatever a client wishes
  • You have no signature client experience
  • Your onboarding, delivery, offboarding, prices, and materials… all inconsistent
  • You’re constantly stressed about getting customers
  • Your sales process is undefined and not likely to be called professional
  • Your marketing is limited to some random social media posts (that don’t really do anything for you)
  • You are ready to get systematic with your business but you don’t know where to start


  • Your positioning is on-point and people queue to work with you
  • Your offers are structured and profitable
  • You have a well-defined signature client experience
  • Your onboarding, delivery, offboarding, prices, and materials… like a pro
  • You have the right sales and marketing model based on your revenue model
  • Your sales process is well-defined and professional
  • Your marketing is creating demand for your services/products
  • Your growth is systematic and joyful
  • You have lots of time to think and strategize
  • You finally understand the Key Growth Metrics that you need to keep track of to grow your unique business!


  • We accept a small number of members at a time to be able to offer the personalized advisory each client needs (we currently have spots if the registration below is visible. If not, put yourself on the waiting list to be notified when we open more spots!)
  • We go through the modules systematically and together
  • We implement your positioning, signature client experience, sales, and marketing systems including tools and technologies designed for your specific business model
  • We have 10-15 consulting & coaching sessions each month, so you will have plenty of support!
  • You can submit questions on the Wall – our private coaching chat (not a FB group)
  • You can also submit your strategies, tactics, and questions to the consulting & coaching calls


And, to be able to offer you the exact experience you need, you can choose between a group or private program!


#0 Make Time for Growth & Business Assessment

As soon as you join, you will receive our CEO Planning System that helps you make time for growth. After that, you can take the growth assessment that helps us put you on the right business model track.

#1 Audience Assets & Hyper Targeting

We will start with the business foundation. You will get clear on the 4 different layers of people you need to attract to be able to grow your business.

#2 Premium Positioning™

You will get clear on your positioning and message. We will identify your category changemaker, and what makes you different.

#3 Brand Assets

Design the key brand assets you need to be able to build an elegant business that attracts the right customers. YES – we got templates that make this easy!

#4 Offer Suite

We will map out your Front/Back End offers that help you grow and scale with ease. We split into separate groups depending on the business model you have.

#5 Signature Client Experience

We will design your Signature Client Experience. This experience will be a streamlined, premium experience that delivers results and delight for your clients.

#6 Excellence

We will design all the details and assets that elevate the client experience: onboarding, payments, delivery, tools, delight, pricing, copy, and more.

#7 Systems & Tools

We decide on the level of digitalization and implement the systems and tools you need to deliver premium services and products to your clients and customers.

#8 Power Invitation™

We will design your unique Power Invitation™ – a mechanism that invites the right people to do business with you. Also, we will select the CRM tool you need.

#9 Simple Sales System

Together, we will map out your Simple Sales System. This system is designed to match your unique business model, and it looks very different for services, products, B2C or B2B sales, or digital products.

#10 Simple Marketing System

We will move on to generate demand and build your marketing engine. This engine is one of your most important growth activators and it will work for years to come!

#11 Attract Perfect Clients

Now it’s time to expand and invite people into your demand generation engine. We will identify the opportunities and systems for you to find your perfect clients systematically and every day.

#12 Lifecycle Acquisition Framework

We will build the nurturing part of your demand generation engine. This will make your marketing and sales activities structured and systematic, bringing you new leads and customers every day.

#13 BONUS Growth Plan & BOS

We create a plan for your future growth and a Business Operating Scorecard you can use to track the success of your business.

#13-24 BONUS Implementation Coaching & Consulting

You will retain access to all coaching and consulting calls for additional 12 weeks to make sure you complete your program and get amazing results!

#0-24 Avenue Experiences

Through the program, you will also be invited to other special events with us at Avenue…




Group Program
from € 1 990 (normal price € 2 790) Eventual VAT to be added

PAID IN FULL BONUS: 1:1 strategy call with our Master Strategist Tiina

  • 12-week implementation program
  • 6-month access to coaching & consulting calls
  • Forever access to the materials
  • 10-15 x small group consulting & coaching calls each month
  • Submit your work for review & get personalized feedback
  • All the tools and downloadable materials
  • Brandable materials: brand book, service presentation, client questionnaire, budgeting sheets, investment guide, welcome package, price calculator, marketing email copy…
  • Coaching wall to ask anything and get guidance
  • Personalized assessment & feedback
  • Personalized growth plan based on your business model


Group + Private Program
from € 7 500 (normal price € 10 500) Eventual VAT to be added

PAID IN FULL BONUS: Done for you CRM system integration

  • 12-week implementation program
  • 6-month access to coaching & consulting calls
  • Forever access to the materials
  • 10-15 x small group consulting & coaching calls each month
  • Submit your work for review & get personalized feedback
  • All the tools and downloadable materials
  • Brandable materials: brand book, service presentation, client questionnaire, budgeting sheets, investment guide, welcome package, price calculator, marketing email copy…
  • Coaching wall to ask anything and get guidance
  • Personalized assessment & feedback
  • Personalized growth plan based on your business model
  • 6 x private consulting calls
  • Private chat Mon-Fri


Done for You Consulting
from € 17 500 (save up to 25%) Eventual VAT to be added

Private Consulting Program

  • 12-week (or 24) DFY program
  • Done privately with you and your team
  • We manage the whole implementation
  • Virtual VIP day to create a 3-year growth plan
  • Forever access to the materials
  • 6-month access to all group consulting & coaching calls
  • All the tools and downloadable materials
  • Customized materials: brand book, service presentation, client questionnaire, budgeting sheets, investment guide, welcome package, price calculator, marketing email copy…
  • Coaching wall to ask anything and get guidance
  • 16 private strategy & implementation calls
  • Private Project Management tool
  • You can choose to participate in the group sessions too, but this is a private consulting program and we decide the start and schedule together with you.
  • Follow-up workshop after 3 months

Our No-Fail Policy


Failing to grow your business is nearly impossible* if you work with us. We combine online education with 24/7 access to suit your life, private consulting, group coaching, and powerful daily, weekly and monthly rituals to help you get results.


*of course you do need to do the work

Clear Path to Results

We guide you step-by-step in the implementation of your Business Foundation, Positioning, Offers, Customer Excellence, and Demand Generation Engine. You know exactly what to do every day to grow your business.

Accountability Coach

Our accountability coaches will keep you on the path. You will get your own accountability coach who checks in with you regularly to make sure you are on track to hit your goals.

Bespoke Community Chat

Access to our client & coach community where you can ask any questions and get direct guidance from the whole Team Avenue (this is NOT a FB group).

1:1 Consulting & Coaching

You can choose to work 1:1 with your own dedicated Growth Coach, discuss your strategies, get the guidance you need, and know you are doing it right.

6 Months of Live Small Group Coaching & Consulting

Multiple calls per week! Join the calls, ask any questions you have, and get feedback from our team.

Access to the Training Portal

24/7 access to the Avenue Training Portal with a specific curriculum to elevate your business and increase your revenue.

Bespoke Tracks

Depending on your business model, your growth system, assets, and tools will look different. We provide you with frameworks that are designed to elevate your specific business model.

Done-For-You Assets

No need to hire a graphic designer to create your brand, customer experience, and marketing assets. We give you all the assets you need, simply add your personalized texts and images and start using them right away!

Keep The Materials

You will keep the training materials for life. This allows you to come back to the frameworks whenever you have changes in your business, or you need to optimize the performance.

Common Questions & Answers

To be a good fit for the program, you should:

  • Have a business that is already making money OR have a great idea, lots of expertise in your topic, and a burning desire to make it work.
  • Sell services, physical, or digital products based on your expertise. We put you on the right track based on your business model!
  • Have a goal to scale up your business beyond your current hustle.
  • Be ready to implement: this is not education. We will co-build your Growth System, and you need to be willing to do the work.
  • Want to use digital channels in your customer acquisition.
  • Desire to be seen as a leader by your clients, your team, and your audience.

You can choose.

We have designed this to be a hybrid coaching & consulting program where you get the benefits of small group learning (=learn when others ask questions or share ideas you didn’t even think about), private coaching & consultation if you need it (=get tailored advice), and online learning (=learn when you can).

No, you don’t have to, but we highly recommend it. The DFY program starts when we decide to get started, and the program length is 12-24 weeks, depending on your preferences.

Book a call to discuss your project and needs!

Our customers sell services, products, digital products, and physical products using our systems.

They serve in B2B and B2C markets.

So yes, there’s a Growth System for all kinds of business models, and our team will guide you to the right one!

Yes and no.

During the program, you will focus on growing ONE revenue model. It could be B2C service or B2B product sales. But, you will get access to all Growth Systems so you can implement them for all your revenue models later.

  • Business model? Yes.
  • Brand? Yes.
  • Marketing? Yes.
  • Selling? Yes.
  • Offer? Yes.
  • Pricing? Yes.
  • Messaging & copy? Yes.
  • Budgeting & KPIs? Yes.
  • Strategic planning? Yes.
  • Tools? Yes.
  • Team building? No.

We alternate the hours to suit different time zones, but the calls are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Professional & Private: the program is 12 weeks and you also get additional 12 weeks of access to group coaching & consulting calls.

DFY Consulting: 12 – 24 weeks + follow-up workshop.

You will get access to one project at a time. When we start the new project, you will get access to the whole project and can plan your work according to your schedule. We have guided workshops to cover the different parts of each project to keep you focused on the right things.

You can cancel your participation within 14 days. After 14 days, we will not refund your money or change your payment schedule.


Since we get started with the VIP day, we won’t be able to refund that investment. If you would like to cancel your participation after the VIP day and within 14 days from the VIP day, we refund your money excluding 2900 + ev VAT.

  1. we do NOT teach your same-size-fits-all things. We intentionally decide to work with product, service, and local businesses selling to consumers and corporates to keep our strategic brains evolving
  2. we do NOT only teach you some marketing gimmicks – you will get a full growth system that covers positioning, offer suite design, service design, sales, marketing, technology, and strategic planning
  3. we do NOT allow 1000 people to join the program at a time. You will get the personalized help that the huge programs can’t offer you (despite their big promises)
  4. you will get ready-made assets that you can use in your business. This saves you thousands in graphic designer fees!
  5. we offer 1:1 consulting if you like
  6. we offer a full done-for-you experience if you like

But if you want us to have a look at the program that you’re comparing our program with, send us an email and we can have a look!

No, you don’t have to. We are experts in teaching non-tech professionals the necessary technology systems and integrations.

Want to know our superpower? We make technology so simple that most of our clients even start to like tech. Now, we can’t promise you will develop a deep passion for tech, but we can promise you will dislike it less. Most importantly, you will NOT feel lost in the digital again. 

Honestly – this WILL TAKE TIME. Only join when you are ready to make an intentional decision to level up your business.

Each week, we work through specific strategies and assessments. Sometimes you need to spend a bit more thinking about the strategies, and sometimes it takes a bit longer to build and implement. Please note this: this should not be in ADDITION to your work, this should be part of your job as the CEO of your business.

You need to be able to reserve 6-8 hours per week to get results.

We know you are busy, and that’s why we start with time planning already before we kick off the program! 

No. If you have a business partner, we can create an additional login for her/him/them.

Yes, let us know who’s joining. Please remember, they need to be employed by your company.

Yes, of course. If you do the work, you will have designed a unique client experience, and a client acquisition system in place.

We can’t, however, guarantee that you actually sell any of your products/services. No one can guarantee you that.

Not sure yet? Ask us any questions: