Become the go-to business coach everybody wants to work with

Get clients without wasting your valuable time on social media platforms

Scale up your business with ease. Make more money while having more fun

KEY ELEMENT 1: Deliver & communicate the ONE THING every client wants & stand out as the one and only choice

Growing an in-demand, highly successful business coaching practice while delivering amazing results for your clients is hard.

But you can become the Go-To Expert in your industry, the one and only people go to, refer to, when they need to solve a specific business growth challenge. The business coaching industry is booming due to high demand, and it is possible to stand out and get the best clients.

You must have a system to get them results

Your clients do not want random advice, they want a system they know works, and by implementing this system they know they will get rid of headache, stress, uncertainty, and grow their business knowing they are doing the right things.

So, creating a methodology, tools and frameworks is key in building a highly successful business coaching company. But this can also be very costly, take a long time and frankly: is very difficult. Particularly when your passion is to coach and help people get results, right?

We might have a solution for you

At Avenue, we have been building tools, frameworks, systems, and ready-made products for years. Thousands of small business owners have used our methodologies in growing their companies, and our main focus is to keep building the best in class tools for ambitious business coaches like you. You too can use our tools!


Each year, we train a small number of business coaches in our methodology.


Certified Business Growth Expert can consult and coach individual businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, small businesses, run profitable group programs, online programs, and use all our systems, tools, and products to serve their clients and make a great income. 

Avenue provides you with immersive training, a license to use our frameworks, access to our Partner Network with support, masterminds, and helps you grow your businesses by sending qualified leads and clients.

We will help you learn our frameworks, consult, and coach businesses around the World and turn your knowledge, passion, experience, and drive into a thriving independent business with proven systems and frameworks.

If you want, you can be a part of our team, join our regular masterminds, and develop with your colleagues. You also get to join our conferences & retreats in beautiful locations in Europe together with your colleagues.

Millions of SMEs need our help. Do you want to learn more?