In today’s Growth Activator, I’m sharing the best / worse advice ever given to me.


When I was at the very start of my first business, I received advice from a corporate colleague whom I had worked with for a long time.⁠

He said: “you are still young and naive enough to believe it could work”⁠

Truthfully: I was. Not really that young but naive, yes. But then again, I thought: what do I REALLY have to lose? What’s the worst thing that can happen?⁠

That advice was the best and worse I’ve received. For a person who’d love to take on the challenge of growing a business, the advice could be great. But for another, it could be the worse possible assuming it’s naive thinking that anything ever would work, let alone that you might be too old to start. ⁠

You’re never too old, young, experienced, or inexperienced to start. One the other hand; you’re most likely to never be READY either… just get on with it.⁠