Your Brand Assets

Brand assets are intangible assets, but carry a real value if you manage them right. Brand assets are your methodology, your intellectual property, your trademarks, licenses and other related assets that can increase the value of your company. Your message, your visual elements, but also your personality, essence, values are considered important brand assets.

Most business owners consider their visual elements the most important elements, but in when building a business, your brand is your reputation, and that work is never done. You and your whole team are consistently creating a reputation within your industry, and you can decide what the people say about you.

When designing your brand assets, you should consider the order of implementation and importance

  • The first brand assets that you need to design for your company are your values, personality, authority markers and the visuals
  • At the growth stage, you brand work is about getting very clear on what your business does, and what it doesn’t do. You start developing your intellectual property and methodology that your company is known for
  • At the later stages, you brand needs to build global awaress and a reputation of being the best choice in your industry. You need to register global trademarks and protect your innovation