So, your business is not growing, and you might be wondering: why the hell not?


  • You do everything that thousands of online sources tell you to do?
  • You follow hundreds of gurus online who seems to be growing their business fast and effortlessly?

I get it, it’s frustrating.

Okay, let’s have a look at WHY your business is not growing.

It usually comes down to 2 problems:

  1. you don’t know where exactly you are on your journey
  2. you don’t know what you should be focusing on to take you to the next level


Basically, you have the following reasons for not growing:

1. your product is not a fit for your audience.

This means: you have a great product (you think), but your audience is totally not interested. And before you say: ‘no, this is NOT me, what I have is AMAZING!!’… are you sure?

Here’s the thing: anyone can create a selling concept in basically any niche, but how to do it: there’s a science to it. Most people start creating an offer and products before they even know who it’s for, and then they desperately try to find someone to buy that thing. Engineers and designers are particularly good at this… I know because I happen to be both, and have been working with hundreds of engineers and designers 😉 have no audience.

Now you have a marketing issue. You know you have a great product, because people, the few that know about it; buy it. But you don’t know how to get in front of many eyeballs. Marketing, marketing… positioning, strategic PR & Publicity.

If your message is not compelling, and your methods are not up-to-date; you might be spending a lot of time and money on shit that doesn’t work. Social media, influencers… too much noise. The marketing landscape changes continuously, and the things that worked last year may not work this year. The professional marketers who study this DAILY know this. Small business owners; the amazing, bright experts in their own niches are most often not marketing experts… and they follow the what-not tactics whoever with the biggest, loudest voice on the interwebs tell them to do… resulting in a big black hole in their bank accounts and hearts too. No bueno.


3. you don’t know how to sell.

This is obviously an issue. You have a great audience, people who need the things you have, but you have no idea how to carry out a sales conversation in a way that the person listening to you will say YES please I’ll have TWO. And I’ll have it NOW.

I get this: sales is scary shit. Imagine, trying to convince all these poor people to give their hard-earned moolah to… YOU? But the thing you’re getting all wrong is this: you’re not getting them to invest in you. You invite them to invest in themselves: to get to their dream results. You; your product and services are just the pathway. Or.. the AVENUE as we say. So, it really is not about you.


Let’s throw in a bonus too: you don’t understand how and where to optimize.

Many people focus on getting mo’ clients, mo’ revenue, mo’ mo’ mo’… and, while they do that, they most often think in terms like: Double the number of clients. Triple the number of leads. Pump up the prices. You too?

But, maybe you could have a look at some of your other metrics, and by increasing each metric by 10-20%, you will increase your business by a large:


  • Number of leads today: 100
  • Number of leads next year: + 20% = 120
  • Conversion rate today: 1%
  • Conversion rate next year: + 20% = 1,2%
  • LTV today: 1000
  • LTV next year: +20% = 1200

So, if you this year have the following numbers: 100 leads become 1 client x 1000 = 1000 revenue

Increase all areas by 20% (that’s way easier than doubling in all areas!): 120 leads become 1,44 client x 1200 = 1728

See, almost doubling your revenue.

Now imagine if you have 10 000 leads… 🙂 Now we’re talking.

Of course, your big problem can also be that you actually don’t want to grow… it means, you are reluctant to take your business, the growth, strategies, numbers… seriously. You are just messing around, and not ready to build a real business. That’s cool too, running a business is not for everyone!


Still not sure where you’re at, and what to focus on? We’re here to help! 


Join the AVENUE PROGRAM, and we will help you to put together these 3 main areas: an amazing concept that sells like hotcakes, a marketing system that generates leads on autopilot, a sales system that makes you sell like a pro, even if you ‘hate’ or ‘suck at’ sales. And an effective media & publicity plan so that you don’t have to waste your time on random tactics, but rather have a system for your business growth. And, Strategic Business Planning system with the focus on:


    • financial planning & metrics
    • your offering
    • market domination
    • smart processes
    • multiplication & delegation
    • automation & technology

Now, how can we help you grow?

Love, Tiina