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  • Do you know you need to turn your good business into an industry powerhouse and position it as the leader?
  • Do you know you want to turn your all-the-things services into packages that are easy to sell, easy to buy, and easy to scale? 
  • Do you want to transform your so-so services into premium services?
  • Do you know your customer acquisition process is not as systemized as it could (and should) be?
  • Or, do you know you need a custom strategy and growth plan that you can implement by yourself?

Great! We can help.

Our consulting packages are designed to fix the problem so you can move on and grow your business. The projects are short, intensive, and guaranteed to give you results.


Do you need help with your business strategy, brand & positioning, service design or sales, marketing, and technology implementation? Our consulting packages are designed to solve a specific problem at a time, using the Avenue Growth System™ as our framework.

Strategy & Positioning

Growth Avenue Design

In this project, we design your Growth Avenue, your roadmap. This is a perfect project for you who knows you’re up for great things but have no clear pathway to get there, yet. We map out your vision, identify your advantages and disadvantages, and create a roadmap to get to where you want to get, as fast as you want.

Duration: 2 days
Power Positioning™

In this project, we (re)position your business and brand to become the one and only for your audience, regardless of if you are a seasoned pro or a beginner with no previous clients. We use our proprietary framework to identify the key concepts that make your business different and create a messaging system that makes your marketing and sales work anytime, anywhere.

Duration: 5 days

Service Packaging & Design

Business Model & Product Suite Design

In this project, we (re)structure your business model and offers. This is a perfect project for you who is a freelancer and doing “all-the-things” and you now want to get a clear offer suite that helps you sell front-end and back-end offers effortlessly, and increase the LTV of your customer. Also, if you are looking to scale by adding new exciting products/services to your offer mix, this is a great intensive project to structure your next-level business!

Duration: 5 days
Signature Offer Design

In this project, we identify your Signature Offer and productize it. We turn your undefined, unstructured service into a structured, packaged offer that is easy to sell, easy to buy, and easy to deliver. This is perfect for you who know you want to create a signature front/back-end offer, deliver it in a systemized way, and scale it.

Duration: 4 weeks

Sales, Marketing & Technology

Customer Acquisition System

In this project, we build your Customer Acquisition System covering the sales and marketing systems that your company needs to be able to attract leads and turn them into customers and clients, anytime you want. This is perfect for you who have clients but your sales process is undefined, and your marketing system is a collection of random tactics with no clear strategy and measurements.

Duration: 8 weeks
ActiveCampaign Implementation

In this project, we implement ActiveCampaign into your CAS, this is an add-on to the Customer Acquisition System Project. ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences and scale your business, and is our preferred technology provider for SMEs.

Can be added to the Customer Acquisition System Project.