Finally uncover why people buy, why they don’t and how you can make your product/service and brand concept stand out and sell a lot.

Understand what you want, what your core advantages are and how you can create a business that fits your intentions and goals

Identify the one key in getting sales and standing out in your competition (it's not your brand visuals or your story)

Engineer the foundation for generating high profits and scaling your operations

Design a powerful brand that attracts the best clients and customers to your business

The goal of this training course is simple: help you create a concept people buy into, and a product/service offering your dream customers and clients want to buy.

  • how to create a business concept that attracts your dream buyers
  • how to engineer a product/service portfolio that increases your profitability
  • how to design a brand and messaging that positions you as the number 1 in your industry
  • how to effectively launch and sell your concept before you build it
  • how to scale your business concept


During this module, you will get an understanding of

  • what you want to build
  • what your core values are
  • what your business model should be
  • how to validate your idea


During this module, you will create a client profile so you know how to market & sell effectively 

  • who your ideal client is
  • what they want and need
  • what results you provide
  • who you want to work with


During this module, you will get an understanding of the key elements to selling & creating a message that attracts the right people

  • know why they buy
  • know why they don’t buy
  • identify the benefits you offer
  • identify your GAP
  • design your message


During this module, you will design a positioning tool that makes your competition irrelevant (no, it’s not your story or passion!)

  • build a simple positioning tool to become the number 1 in your industry 8even if you’re just starting out)


During this module, you will put together a product portfolio that sells and helps you scale

  • how to create products and services
  • how to create an ecosystem of products and services that help you grow your business to the next level


During this module, you will get an understanding of

  • how to create a pricing strategy
  • how your pricing affects your brand, sales, profits, joy, and growability –> everything!


During this module, you will get an understanding of

  • the 4 key processes every business needs to get right from the start to make your life easier, and to sell more


During this module, you will get an understanding of

  • how to create a brand that attracts the right clients
  • brand personality
  • brand values
  • brand authority builders
  • brand visuals


This bonus will be available for you to help you decide how you actually put together your Social Selling System to sell your product/service!

  • Avenue Social Selling System workshop


I'm a beginner with no business yet, can I join?

Yes, you can join if you’re ready and willing to build a business right from the start.

How long is the program?

8 modules + bonuses

Is it online?


Can I access all the materials at once?


Can I keep it?

Yes. You will have forever access to the materials.

I'm building a coaching business, consulting, B2B, B2C. This works?

We are particularly specialized in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that’s up to you.

If you do the job, our systems and strategies work for your business. As long as you own your brand and business (ie we only work with CEO / owner and not with team/employees), have high ambitions and healthy work ethic, and also are a person who takes action, the Avenue Growth System works for you.

What's the difference between CONCEPTS that Sell Course and Avenue Business Program?

CONCEPTS is a self-paced online course whereas Avenue Business Program is a 1-year implementation program with access to consultants and coaches who help you implement the Avenue Growth System.

Can my team members use my login?

No, this is per person only. If you have a co-founder, you can both use the same login.

How much time will it take?

This is very individual and depends on so many factors but please remember: inside our programs, we WORK. This is an educational course but implementation is required for you to get results

Can I book 1:1 calls?

Yes, you can purchase additional coaching sessions with our certified team of Growth Consultants.

Tiina, I saw another coach offer exactly same stuff! Copycat?

Thanks for paying attention to it! You may have come across one of our fantastic certified coaches who owns the right to sell the Avenue Programs and Products.


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  • If you have a valid EU VAT number –> no VAT is added.
  • If you are an EU company without a VAT number –> You must provide company registration papers for our tax authorities. Contact us before you signup so we guide you!
  • No business yet & in EU? VAT will be added.
  • Brexit – still no changes to VAT stuff as far as we know… so the above rules apply.
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