But maybe, this keeps you small...?

... You're not sure how to engineer a business model that fits your ambitions, lifestyle, and capabilities?

... You're confused because you're not sure what to focus on right now to take your business to the next level?

... You have no one to consult and bounce ideas off with?

... Social media is not working for you?

... You have participated in various DIY programs online or invested in some business advisors and still have no results?

... Words 'marketing' and 'digital' make your brain hurt?

... You fear selling? (but you understand that's the most important thing in entrepreneurship)

Friend, you're not alone and we'd love to help you to engineer your unique growth plan.

Hello, I am Tiina, the Founder of Avenue. My mission is very simple: to help professional, driven, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster. Why? Because I truly believe that it’s the best way to ensure an amazing life on your own terms, and do what you love.

Short bio: I’m a Finn living in Sweden and sometimes in Andalucia, Spain. I’m married to a Swedish dude, and we have two funny small kiddos. I have a Master of Science in IT Engineering and a Bachelor in Business Economics. I have found quite a few global brands from design, events, to coaching & consulting, and my goal is to help you get started and grow your international business faster, smarter, safer and funnier.

I am also the Master Coach in the AVENUE program, and I can’t wait to meet you in our workshops!

We are here to make it easier, faster, and more fun for you to grow your business.


Our SIGNATURE GROWTH PROGRAM is a growth accelerator program tailored for you, a growth-focused CEO of a smart, expert-based company with great ambitions. Our coaches have a long experience from different niches, industries, and business models, and you get access to the entire team's expertise. You and our team will develop a strategy and action plan that works for your company.

This is different. You'll see why.

CREATE a fantastic concept that is YOU
Build a portfolio of products and services that SELL
ENGINEER profitability and scalability
DESIGN an attractive brand that your customers LOVE (and your competitors are trying to copy)
SYSTEMATIZE your activities for better RESULTS
IMPLEMENT the best marketing and sales strategy for your business
AUTOMATE to be able to work with what you love
Build your THOUGHT LEADER platform in your niche
LEAD with pride, love, and compassion
MEASURE & SCALE, and GROW with confidence



  • Are a service provider, coach, consultant, speaker, author, expert…
  • Want to run a business with massive growth potential
  • Are ready to reach bigger markets and become a leading brand in your industry
  • Are ready to work smart and hard to get to your individual goals
  • Are ready to implement technologies that are required in today’s business environment to grow effectively
  • Understand that systems and processes are the key for growing and scaling your business
  • Call the shots, ie you are the business owner


  • Don’t have a business yet (please check our teh AVENUE MEMBERSHIP if you’re a beginner!)
  • Are not serious about your business
  • Are not willing to do the work to get the results you desire
  • Believe there is a quick way to build a fortune
  • Believe you have all the answers and don’t need help

OKAY, how can I get started?

Avenue Programs are invitation-only programs. Would you like to receive your invitation and figure out how we work?