Got more money than time?

Are you a busy entrepreneur/executive with a limited time to spend on designing your next million-dollar offer and engineering your sales and marketing systems? You wouldn’t believe how fast and efficient we are at extracting your expertise, skills, ideas, and ambitions and creating a winning business concept and an infrastructure that is going to take your business to the new heights.

Do you want our team to package your service, create your service model and tools, and implement the technology infrastructure your growing business needs? We undertake a few private consulting projects per year, and these are specially tailored to fit your needs.

Our in-house team of a project manager, brand designer, marketing coach, social media expert, and systems engineer will conceptualize, systematize, and launch your new, packaged service. We need you to be part of the process but we do the work!

What's included?

A typical project starts with a concept design, and proceeds to business modeling, systems integration, and launching your new, packaged service. The areas we tailor for you are:

  • Concept & brand design
  • Product portfolio design
  • Sales & marketing system design
  • IT infrastructure design
  • Launch plan & project management
  • Support & education for your team

Project pricing

We tailor the project to fit your needs. Let’s discuss how your project and timeline looks like!

Starting from 35 000 USD ( + ev VAT )

1-year access to the Avenue Business Program is included ( value 12 000 USD )

Payment plans are available.