The Growth Engine



Conceptualize your skills and expertise, build a simple, scalable offer that your dream customers want to buy, and position yourself as the premium service provider your audience dreams about working with. Engineer the client acquisition system that makes your sales easy and fun. Scale with confidence and ease.

Finally have a business that works.


Are you a coach, consultant, agency owner...

hitting a growth ceiling?

it’s time we break through it!

When you look at the reflection in your mirror, you see a successful, educated, experienced business owner on a mission, right?

When you look at your todo-lists, bank account, and deep into the eyes of your loved ones who want nothing more than to spend more quality time with you…


What do you see?


Constant stress?

Your clients dictating how you run your business?

Hustle with no reward?

Another “honey, I just need to do this one more thing…”?

(this is NOT why you started your business in the first place)

  • If you are a consultant, coach, mentor, speaker, author, designer, specialist, trainer, teacher, and/or someone who uses education, experience, and you…
  • sell coaching, consulting, or DFY agency services.
  • are focused on GROWTH; you want to expand beyond 1:1 offers and build a scalable business.
  • are willing to do the work and invest in your growth.

If YES, read on

So… you have launched your services, and now you’re wondering… “what does it take to get customers? The “others” seem to be making millions of dollars using social media and funnels, yet I have no luck in getting customers rolling in…”


You’ve got customers but you also got no time for life, family, and the CEO activities required for you to take your business to the next level. You are tired of the hustle and think: “There MUST be a better way to grow my business!”


Well, here’s something we know:


There is a better way. You CAN get all the customers you want, and grow a fun, profitable business without sacrificing wellbeing.

But, until you have your own version of the Engine in place (no, not only “knowledge about it” but actually implemented and working**), you have no chance of growing your business the way you want and deserve.


** the truth about information: it won’t get you results. You need to actually put it in place, test, and track your numbers to be able to get results. But you know this already, don’t you? Okay, let’s build it!

“Growth is complex” you might think


Here are a few facts about growing the business of your dreams:

  • Doing random social media posting does not grow your revenue
  • Working 1:1 with each customer will not provide you with the income and freedom you want
  • Creating an online course is not the only way to work online
  • Marketing is very important, but useless if you don’t have a sales engine in place
  • Hunting for customers is bad for your wellbeing and reputation
  • Knowing your Key Growth Metrics is the only way to determine how to grow

But the key is…


Growth is actually quite simple if you allow it to be. In fact, you NEED to simplify your business a bunch to be able to grow.

Not to add a ton of stuff but to remove and simplify.

Your WHY

Scaling is the only option for you... because this is more than

“just a business”

It's your life's work. However, there are a few things you won't negotiate

Your Values

You know what you believe in. Your business is based on your strong values.

Your Prices

You know what you bring to the table. Your services and products are for those who value it.

Your Freedom

You built your business to be free. You set the rules for it.

You need a Growth Engine

An engine is a device for converting one form of energy into another


A well-designed engine turns attention from your audience into customers and revenue to your business consistently.

When the engine is running, it creates sustainability for you. Sustainability in terms of making more money, creating a bigger impact, and enjoying your life, while your business keeps growing.

But in order for it to work, we need to build it first.

  • A growth engine helps coaches, consultants, and service providers position themselves as subject matter experts quickly and generate sales appointments with ease
  • A growth engine cuts costs of client acquisition by automating big parts of the sales processes
  • A growth engine removes confusion and manual work from the sales teams
  • A growth engine removes confusion around the modern marketing and sales platforms and tools
  • A growth engine allows business owners to focus on the key activities while the engine is taking care of the prospecting
  • A growth engine helps businesses safely scale up operations and grow faster with certainty

A Growth Engine makes your business grow without complexity

How About We Change Your Current Reality?

Finally implement the 3 keys you need to grow and scale your business without sacrificing wellbeing

Turn your expertise into a scalable, packaged product that you can sell at profit. Design a product, messaging, and brand, that position you as the in-demand expert and makes people buy from you

Engineer a Power Invitation that keeps inviting the right customers to work with you consistently and without spending your valuable time on marketing that doesn’t work

Get full clarity on the Key Growth Metrics you need to track to be able to make strategic decisions about the growth and your future actions. Finally grow your business with ease

Allow yourself to receive the success you have been dreaming about

You deserve it. Your family deserves it. Your community deserves it.

Get clarity on your expertise, your target audience and their needs, and design your unique authority idea.

Learn how you communicate your expertise so it makes sense to your audience.

Learn how you monetize your skills and knowledge in multiple ways, and design your unique expert business model.

Design simple, powerful, and scalable offers that sell at the front end and at the back end.

Sell premium packages with ease.

Position you as the leading company in your industry.

Scale up without adding more hours to your workweek.

Build an automated selling & authority building engine for your expert business.

Engineer the right environment for your sales conversion to take place with ease.

Build a solid follow-up structure to increase your sales conversions.

Know your growth metrics and what they mean.

Finally know exactly what to do to grow your business.

Let Us Help You

There’s not one right way to grow and scale a business… but there’s a right way for you!

If you want to scale a leveraged, always growing business based on a proven foundation and principles fueled by modern tactics...

Join the Growth Engine Intensive and we’ll help you build your growth engine.

NEXT COHORT: 21st September

We Offer Flexible Options

The Cash Flow Friendly Option


12 x weekly payments of $ 290

The Flexible Monthly Option

Pay monthly

3 x monthly payments of $ 1090

The Best Value for Money Option

Pay in full

One payment of $ 2990

Questions? Let’s chat on Messenger or send Tiina an email:

PRO Internet Marketers & One-Hit-Wonders Have Been Lying to You

They have been putting you off rails for a long, long time with claims such...

Harassing people in random social media groups or DMs is a great way to get customers

(do this if you don't mind getting a brand reputation of being a desperate harasser)

You need to post more and more content on platforms to build a brand

(sure, busy CEOs like you have all the time in the world to post endless inspirational posts that lead nowhere)

You need to sell low-ticket offers and then ascend the customer to your high-ticket offers

(when was the last time cheap and fast equaled high-value and premium quality?)

Until you hit a certain revenue ``figure`` you're not considered successful

(you decide what ``figure`` equals success for you)

Hustle and hard work is the recipe for growth

(never was, never will be. You need to work smart and enjoy your life while growing your empire)

More customers equals more profits

(no, more profits equals more profits. More revenue with less costs equals more profits)

And somewhere along the line you just lost your focus on what really makes a difference in your business

You need a new approach

In Just 12 Weeks You'll Finally Be Able To...

  • Get consistent customers anytime you want
  • Engineer and implement your unique Growth Engine that produces a steadily increasing flow of leads, customers, and revenue
  • Automate the key functions of your customer acquisition process (set it once and let it work!)
  • Turn your expertise into a product that is easy to sell, easy to buy, easy to deliver, and easy to grow
  • Build your profit maximizers
  • Focus on the thing YOU do best (instead of hustling for sales each and every day)
  • Stop being dependent upon just one source of new customers and leads
  • Stop having to start over at zero each and every month

Until you have a solid Growth Engine in place, you will be hustling and never hit your growth and lifestyle goals.

Program Schedule

Let's build it together one component at a time

  • One project at a time to keep you fully focused on your growth journey
  • 12 weeks of weekly live Q&A, mentoring and consulting with Team Avenue
  • Your PRIVATE Growth Expert to guide you: 3 x 1-on-1 consultations with your coach to review your engine and know you’re doing it right
  • Your Accountability Coach regularly checking in with you to ensure you’re not left behind
  • Access to our bespoke client training platform with specific lessons and assessments designed to help you build your engine
  • Community chat to ask anything and get guidance anytime you need
  • Additional events throughout the 12-week program including a special kickoff session, advanced business strategy sessions, and more

PROJECT 0: The Entrepreneur Core Zone

In this initial project, you will…


  • Get clear on your growth intentions.
  • Design a business model that fits your lifestyle goals.
  • Take the Growth System Assessment and get a clear avenue for your growth.

PROJECT 1: Value Delivery System


PROJECT 2: Customer Acquisition System


PROJECT 3: Strategic Growth System





Tools & Tech kit for effective online business management & growth

  • Identify the tools you need to effectively deliver your digitalized offer
  • Set up the key processes your digital offer requires for you to deliver a seamless experience
  • Get a complete list of the best tools and how they fit into your business!


Group program curriculum designer

  • Turn your 1:1 to a group program with ease
  • Learn what premium buyers want, and what they don’t want
  • Move your 1:1 customers to your group program without losing any of your VIP customers
  • Get ready to scale up


Value Journey System: your back-end profit multipliers system

  • Maximize your profits by building the back-end offers that increase the lifetime value of your customer
  • Learn how to seamlessly transfer your customers to your back-end offers

Know You're Doing it Right

Learn how to think, decide and act to grow and scale YOUR unique business (and ignore the rest)

In addition to the curriculum, we offer you private consultation and coaching with our amazing team. Ask anything, have your personal Growth Expert review your Engine, and guide you towards your goals.

Questions? Let’s chat on Messenger or send Tiina an email:

Our No-Fail Policy

Failing to grow your business is nearly impossible* if you work with us.

*you do need to do the work


This is for action takers only. Inside the program, we WORK. After we have worked, we get to enjoy the fruits of labor... if you're not okay with putting in the work, please don't join us.

In fact, we are so serious about producing results for our customers that if we, during the first 30 days, notice that you don't do the work, we will refund your money and kick you out of the program.

12 Months Access to the Training Portal

24/7/365 access to the Avenue Training Portal with a specific curriculum to increase your sales.

1:1 Consulting & Coaching

You can book 1:1 strategy calls with your own dedicated Growth Coach, discuss your strategies, get the guidance you need, and know you are doing it right.

12 Weeks of Live Small Group Coaching & Consulting

Multiple calls per week! Join the calls, ask any questions you have, and get feedback from our team.

Bespoke Community Chat

Access to our client & coach community where you can ask any questions and get direct guidance from the whole Team Avenue (this is NOT a FB group)

Accountability Coach

Our accountability coaches will keep you on the path. You will get your own accountability coach who checks in with you regularly to make sure you are on track to hit your goals.

Clear Path to Results

We guide you step-by-step in the implementation of your Expert Identity, Offer Suite, and Sales Engine. You know exactly what to do every day to grow your business.

Questions? Let’s chat on Messenger or send Tiina an email:

Our Process


As soon as you join, you get access to the CORE and you can start planning your journey.


You get access to the Growth System Assessment to give you guidance on what you are going to build.

(and we learn that too so we can guide you)


You get an invitation to a joined kickoff where we walk through the program.

(This will be recorded in case you can’t join live)


You will receive assessment feedback from your personal growth coach, access to the program, community, and workshop schedule.


We will help you build your Growth Engine and get customers to your scalable offers. Finally, know how to grow without sacrificing wellbeing!

Common Questions & Answers

To be a good fit for the Growth Engine Intensive, you should:

  • Have a business that is already making money OR have a great idea, lots of expertise in your topic, and a burning desire to make it work.
  • Sell coaching, consulting, services, or digital products based on your expertise.
  • Have a goal to scale up your business beyond your current hustle.
  • Be ready to implement: this is not education. We co-build your Growth Engine and you need to be willing to do the work.
  • Want to use digital channels in your customer acquisition.
  • Desire to be seen as a leader by your clients, your team, and your audience.


We have designed this to be a hybrid coaching & consulting program where you get the benefits of small group learning (=learn when others ask questions or share ideas you didn’t even think about), private coaching & consultation (=get tailored advice), and online learning (=learn when you can).

The investment is $2990 (+ ev VAT) and you can choose to make one, 3 monthly payments of $1100 (+ ev VAT), or 12 weekly payments of $290 (+ ev VAT).

Our customers sell services, products and digital products using our systems.

They serve in B2B and B2C markets.

So yes, there’s a Growth Engine for all kinds of business models and our team will guide you to the right one!

We alternate the hours to suit each cohort, but the calls are most often on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

12 weeks coaching, 12 months access to the training portal.

No, this is a guided program with specific milestones that help you get the results you want, and we want to make sure you are keeping focused on the actual project and task you need to complete before you can move on to the next. This means we work on one project at a time to get the best results for you!

Lifetime is legally tricky. Whose lifetime? Yours? Ours? The Avenue business entity? This program? Your business?

What happens if we would decide to close this program?

What happens if we would decide to change the ownership of our company?

Not that we plan to do any of that, but who knows what the future holds…


Furthermore: we want you to get results, fast. Anything that you can postpone and “do someday” is likely to be a “never thing”…


To make this simple and effective, we offer you 12 months of access to the program. That is plenty of time to build your Growth Engine!

This is the same training that we run for our coaches, so yes you can start with this and then take the certification.

Or, if you already know you want to take the certification and run this program, you can apply to the certification training first, and this program will be available for you after the certification training.

Either way, the investment is the same!

You can cancel your participation within 14 days from our kickoff. After the 14 days, we will not refund your money or change your payment schedule.

We’re not sure how other business growth engineers help their customers put together expert growth systems, but if you want us to have a look at a system that you’re comparing our system with, send us an email and we can have a look!

One thing we do know: Nobody offers 1:1 consulting in their lower-priced programs. If you want to get 1:1 coaching, you normally pay well over $15k for that. 

No, you don’t have to. We are experts in teaching non-tech professionals the necessary technology systems and integrations.

Each week, we work through 4-6 strategies, and assessments. Sometimes you need to spend a bit more thinking about the strategies, and sometimes it takes a bit longer to build and implement.

Please note this: this should not be in ADDITION to your work, this should be part of your job as the CEO of your business. 

But ultimately, you need 3-5 hours per week to be able to implement and get results.

No. If you have a business partner, we can create an additional login for her/him. Please email us to request this after your purchase.

Yes, of course. If you do the work, you will have a product to sell, and a selling system in place.

We can’t, however, guarantee that you actually sell any of your products/services. No one can guarantee you that.