Growth Engineering, is it for you?

At Avenue, we are a team of engineers, designers, and marketers. We do growth engineering. So you might wonder… What is it? Is it for me?

Let’s figure out!


Growth engineering is the intersection between product development, customer acquisition (–> marketing & sales), data, and leadership. While traditional marketers focus on traffic generation and brand awareness, and sales teams focus on closing as many deals as possible, generated by the marketing team, and product managers focus on creating a product that attracts the right customers… leaders lead the ship.


Growth engineers focus on all those parameters:

  • the product/service needs to fulfill the requirements for sellability & scalability
  • the marketing must do what marketing must do (by the way, marketing’s goal is NOT to generate revenue!)
  • the sales process need to work so you can make money
  • how you lead yourself, and your team to the results you desire



This is then backed by data. Decisions are made out of that data.
Not wild guesses 🙂



Note: growth HACKING is usually a term used by immature organizations who test a bit everything and hope something works! It’s not the same as Growth Engineering.

We set the strategy, action plan, tests, data –> make decisions.

Leadership then?

If you’ve been in business for any time more than a short second, you will know that your growth is very tightly connected to leadership.

  • how you lead yourself
  • how you manage your emotions
  • how you turn up and do your job even if things feel sour


—> that’s what pro’s do.
—> hiding behind own fears and insecurities is for amateurs.

Wow, I know. This might hurt to read… I get it. But please read again: HIDING behind the obstacles is amateur behavior.

I’m not saying that feeling FEAR or INSECURITIES itself is amateur behavior, on the contrary! Every leader faces fears and obstacles, but some leaders will go out to the field and play their game anyway. You know, we’ve got a job to do 😉

So, growth engineering: we focus on all different elements when we help our wonderful clients to grow their companies.

Obviously it’s not for everyone: many business owners actually WANT to operate with blindfolds on… just do some random things and never measure the outcomes to understand whether it worked or not. And never really have a plan for growth.

And even more, people dream about being a business owner but don’t really comprehend what it means, and most often: never take a SERIOUS leap.

  • It takes lots of ovaries. Like superwoman’s ovaries.
  • It requires serious investments in terms of money, time, will power.
  • It takes over your life, it will ruin some relationships and gain new ones.
  • And it’s the best journey to the unknown, deep dive into your capabilities, stress tolerance, and leadership.


Want to talk if we can help you? We don’t know yet, but I’m happy to offer some consulting for free if this up here speaks to you.

Want to see how our GROWTH program works? Continue here…

If this is not for you, I hope you find the help you’re looking for!

Talk soon, Tiina