Should you (too) create an app for your business?

In this episode, I have a guest with me and we talk about technology development and digital transformation. My guest Maxim Cramer is the technical coach who helps women entrepreneurs take on the tech world and strategizing their apps from ideas to reality. An outspoken advocate for the need to bridge the gap between technology…


3 things every business needs to get right in order to grow & scale

3 things every business needs to get right in order to grow & scale In today’s Growth Activator, I’m talking about the 3 keys every business needs to get right, regardless of the maturity, industry, client base or business model. Do you need help to assess your current state and figure out what it would…


Growth Engineering, is it for you?

At Avenue, we are a team of engineers, designers, and marketers. We do growth engineering. So you might wonder… What is it? Is it for me? Let’s figure out!   Growth engineering is the intersection between product development, customer acquisition (–> marketing & sales), data, and leadership. While traditional marketers focus on traffic generation and brand awareness, and sales teams…


This is personal… my founder story. Tell me yours?

This is personal… my founder story.   Many years ago, I decided to quit my corporate IT & Management Consulting career and dedicate my time and skills to doing my own thing. The decision, as scary as it was, was the best I’ve ever made. Now, I don’t have a fancy story of being broke…


Want to become the leader in your industry & get better clients? Do this

In today’s Growth Activator video, I’m talking about a growth activator that is crucial for all leaders, experts, and business owners! It’s about having a solid plan for your continuous development, and also space for them to take place.   I’m sharing my 5 AM ritual, and well as the night time rituals, and what…


The most difficult job as a business leader is…

Today we’re talking about the most difficult job as the leader in your company. I talk about having the vision that nobody else sees, and how important it is to hold that vision when nobody else believes in you.

3 winning strategies for digitalizing your business

Today I’m talking about 3 winning strategies for digitalizing parts or the whole of your business. In my opinion, all businesses should digitalize at least two key features: client acquisition client onboarding Also, if you really want to scale your business, you’ll also want to look at digitalizing your products and offers.