7 Strategies to Expert Positioning

In today’s Key Growth Activators, I’m sharing 7 practical strategies you can implement today to claim your expert status and command higher prices for your services.

3 things every business needs to get right in order to grow & scale

3 things every business needs to get right in order to grow & scale In today’s Growth Activator, I’m talking about the 3 keys every business needs to get right, regardless of the maturity, industry, client base or business model. Do you need help to assess your current state and figure out what it would…


Position yourself as an expert and sell more

Today I’m going to cover the 3 reasons why you should aim to position yourself as an expert in your industry. I held a talk about this topic in Marbella earlier this Spring, you can watch the (longer) replay of it here (CLICK).   Why is expert positioning THE strategy you should implement going forward?…


Become the expert & build brand authority (my talk at IWD in Marbella)

For some weeks ago I had a fantastic opportunity to share my message to the hundreds of business leaders from all around the World at the 2019 International Women’s Day conference in Marbella. This conference is organized by CostaWomen.com & 1230 The Women’s Company, and sponsored by EuroWeekly News and some other great brands.  …