For some weeks ago I had a fantastic opportunity to share my message to the hundreds of business leaders from all around the World at the 2019 International Women’s Day conference in Marbella. This conference is organized by & 1230 The Women’s Company, and sponsored by EuroWeekly News and some other great brands.


My talk was about Positioning yourself (or your brand) as an Expert: why and how. I recorded a longer version of the talk, and share it here!


  • 3:00 Why do you have to say you’re an expert in your niche
  • 8:55 How to cut through the online noise
  • 09:40 Why people pay more for experts
  • 11:30 7 Steps to position yourself as an expert
  • 14:00 The 5 hours rule for personal & professional development
  • 25:00 Why the choice of the platform is crucial in understanding what and how you communicate
  • 29:00 How I triggered my alter ego
  • 30:00 Bubble theory – the Influence Method: what you need to know about marketing & sales
  • 38:00 How to implement the Influence Method
  • 48:00 Example for service providers
  • 58:00 Example for product companies (e-commerce)