By Tiina Wilen, the Founder & CEO of Avenue.

I believe in simplifying business as much as possible! After all my years in IT & Finance, I have been involved in a lot of very complex things. The longer I run my business, the simpler I want it to be!

Of course, simplicity doesn’t mean it’s easy! If it was easy to start and build a successful business, everyone would do it. But, very few people will ever start a business and even fewer who will succeed in growing it.

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In all its simplicity, success depends on three things:

??that you have a fantastic product/service that your customers want to buy

??that you have a functioning, effective marketing and sales strategy and systems that enable you to continuously introduce your offer to the relevant future customer, and increase your relevance for the right target group

??that you are visible and position you in front of your future customers and get them to buy from you



Let’s start by identifying the most common problems encountered by so many business owners.

  1. unwillingness to go outside the comfort zone

This is something we come across all the time. So many have big dreams, and most often knowledge in what it takes to make these dreams true, but they are reluctant to go outside their comfort zones and do what it takes to succeed.

  1. focus on wrong things

A very common problem among entrepreneurs is that they focus on wrong things, and thus cannot see results. The Internet is full of hot tactics that promise great results, but usually, these tactics are wrong for your business… or

  1. it’s the wrong timing

It may be that a tactic or technique is just that missing link to grow your business, but if you don’t have a full picture of the processes and truly understand your company’s architecture, and the situation you are at right now, there is a risk that you will focus on things that do not matter right now in the situation you are in.

Many entrepreneurs feel that they have a visibility problem, when in reality – they have a product market fit problem. This means; they don’t really know who wlould buy their products and services, and why. 

If you don’t who you want to work with, and can’t identify the real reasons they buy, or not buy; y0u can’t sell a thing. 

In order for you to be able to decide it, you need to look at your idea very objectively – ie not focus on whether you have a passion for something or have come up with some amazing thing that you (and your loved ones) think everyone should want.

I know it feels disheartening, I usually say that there are at least two kinds of professionals who embrace the ‘build it and they will come’ mentality: engineers and designers. I happen to be both and have worked with engineers and designers for almost 20 years so I know how it is …

The next focus area should be marketing and selling. You want to set up systems and processes that make your marketing work very effectively, and enable your time to be spent on the business-critical activities.

And no, I’m not saying that marketing & sales would not be classified as business-critical, on the contrary! But, in order to be able to focus on the key activities in your business – some parts of your customer acquisition must be systematized and automated.

Because not all leads, especially those who come into your life via the Internet, are worth your time or your team’s dedication… at least not yet.

Focus on creating systems that automatically and continuously attract new prospective customers. This is what digital marketing is all about.

  • Being able to systematize customer acquisition activities.
  • Knowing that you always have new leads to follow up.
  • Being able to calculate how much money you will make today, tomorrow, and in 6 months. Consistency leads to steady growth.

And the third focus area is about visibility. You need to have a system to reach out to potential customers.

Business owners face often 3 types of problems regarding visibility

  1. those who spend a lot of time on visibility, such as social media, without any further results…

  2. those who do not want to be visible in the first place…

  3. or of course, those who want, but don’t know how…


The ones who are seen everywhere but don’t get any sales…

The problem with social media and other types of promotional activities is that most people do not have a systematic way to generate paying customers with their visibility activities.

Many believe that ‘If only I have an Instagram account and upload 2 pictures a day, I have done my share of marketing

The Problem: It doesn’t work that way.

You must have a system that works day and night to convert your followers, likes, and other suspects to prospects and customers. Without that system, your social media activities will not make any difference.

Social media has an important role to play in society and especially for entrepreneurs, but the role may not be the one that many people think…

Moreover, this is constantly changing as the platforms decrease your visibility and control who sees and doesn’t see your postings. It may feel unfair but it is important to understand that there have never been any free lunches for business owners – if you want results, you need to invest in your business!


Those who do not want to be seen…

Unless you and your brand are visible, then you don’t exist. It’s not just about being discovered through different channels, but also about building trust with your prospective customers.

Potential customers google up your business and if it looks like you don’t exist… well, you don’t.


Those who don’t know how…

Many people we work with want to use social channels and other types of media, but they don’t know exactly how they can do it in the best possible way in order to build their brand equity and increase sales.

Fortunately, this is exactly what we do. But before we even get to that point, we must identify the selling product/service, and build assets that convert people to become customers and clients.

Below you see our model and key elements to focus on when you want to create growth. We systematically go through different phases of growth, and each step has its own strategies, tactics, and activities.

On the left, you see different phases in the business …

  • Do you find these familiar?
  • Where are you currently on your growth journey?
  • Do you know exactly what to do, and how to get into your goals & dreams?

If you have decided it’s time you grow – your business, your reach, your impact and as a leader – you need to get super focused on the growth activities that will take you to the next level.

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