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Day 1

Today we’re going to talk about the 3 keys to growing a successful, sustainable company regardless of what oyu do. We will will also cover the key habits successful entrepreneurs have. Let’s go!

Day 2

In today’s lesson, I talk about how you too can create something that sells. Products, services, online or offline – all successful brands and businesses get this thing right. So before you even start fioguring out your product, service, marketing och social media… this is where you want to start!

Day 3

Now, we know who we want to serve, now it’s time to design a business concept that makes YOU stand out from the crowd! I’m sharing our secrets that we help our clients to designs, so grab your assignment, paper & pen and let’s design your unique business concept!

Day 4

In today’s lesson, we cover marketing systems & processes that you need to have in place before you start any kind of socia media activities.

Day 5

In today’s lesson, we will continue talking about marketing, and we cover 2 types of marketing tactics you need to implement into your business.

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