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Day 1

Today we’re going to talk about the 3 keys to sales, profit, growth, and happiness and analyse growth potential. Join me for this short, yet powerful lesson!

Day 2

Today, we go to a little outside of our comfort zones… but hey, that’s where the magic happens 😉 I talk about how you too can get better clients, command higher prices and sell more of your products & services.

Day 3

Marketing.. Sales… I am going to walk you through our system for marketing, sales and growth. Yes, THIS is my jam! I hope you love it too!

Day 4

How to create automated systems that position you as the leading brand? This is going to be a wee bit technical…

Day 5

This last day of our training is all about creating a strategy for your social media. We talk about the 2 different ways to build results: instant and long term. Let’s go!

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