We work with experts, service professionals and iconic product brands who want to become digitally confident and build elegant, modern, and scalable companies.

Do you…

  • want to expand your capacity serving premium customers and clients… but you don’t have an extra minute in your already full workday?
  • want to take your innovative, high-quality products overseas… but you don’t know how the export business works?
  • want more clients that pay a premium price and are wonderful to work with… but you can’t figure out how to attract and convert them?
  • want to expand your business model and diversify your income… but you don’t know what would suit you and your industry?
  • want to build systems and processes to run an effective, elegant business… but you and your team don’t have the time or the competence?
  • want to remove yourself from the minutiae… yet you feel like you need to wear all the hats, all the time?


We provide consulting, coaching, education, and business management for businesses of all sizes in the premium market. We tailor your growth & digitalization avenue to suit your individual needs and business stage.

Consulting & Education

Our programs help premium services and product businesses implement The Avenue Growth System™ combining education, consulting, coaching, and management tools with personalized advice to grow and scale companies in multiple industries.

Business Advisory

Avenue Advisory is a private consulting & coaching service designed to take your business to the next level. We tailor The Avenue Growth System™ to fit your business and needs and help you transform your business and scale.

Operations Management

We occasionally join companies as Fractional Growth & Digitalization Operations Managers. Our O.M. customers are scaling rapidly, going international, they have small teams and revenue north of 1-2 MEUR. We decide together the scope and capacity.


Avenue Membership is a place where we develop as business owners and leaders. Get access to our Growth Experts and to the ongoing Strategy Labs, Implementation Labs, Coaching Calls, CEO weeks and and more! And, you also get access to hundreds of recorded workshops, materials and tools. Monthly / yearly commitment, cancel anytime.
€ 97 month / € 870 year (right now 50% discount)


Avenue For Growth is a 9-week small group consulting, education, and implementation program dedicated to helping you elevate your positioning, and digitalize your marketing, sales and branding. Possibility for 1:1 consulting.
Starting at € 1 990


Avenue Advisory is a private consulting & coaching program designed to take your business to the next level. This is for the CEO / owner of a small business who wants private, personalized coaching and consulting. We work together a quarter at a time, and solve one or several growth-related challenges together.
Starting at € 7 500


Fractional CMO is a service where Tiina or Ali joins your leadership team as a fractional CMO. Perfect for the business owner past €1M per annual. You most likely need marketing leadership and process management, but your team is too busy or not skilled to implement the processes, and you're not ready for a full-time CMO/CGO. We work together a quarter at a time, and we lead your marketing and growth strategies and activities.
Starting at € 15 500




We schedule 15-min Growth Assessment call to talk about your business. In the call, we will assess your current stage and decide whether to partner up to grow your business.



We schedule a 90-minute DESIGN workshop. In this workshop, we tailor a plan for you and decide which of our packages fits your needs.



We get to work. We work together for an initial 3 months, and during that, we focus on implementing the plan we created in our DESIGN workshop.



We work together on a quarterly basis for as long as it benefits us both. We can also switch between packages at this point.