Living a wealthy, joyful life with purpose.

The most precious thing we have is moments with the ones we love. That is why everything we do is fitted around the lifestyles we want to live.
For many of us, it means families. We have small kids, big kids, spouses, best friends and loved ones who we want to spend time with. We believe a great business is built to fit our lives, not the other way round.
Sometimes we have 6-year-olds lurking around in our group calls. We don’t stress about it, and nor do our clients. They are often parents too, and they want to build businesses that allow them to fit their work around family life, and have smart businesses that can be run wherever.
  • JOYFUL, HEALTHY LIVING – We believe in building fun businesses. We believe in well-being. We want more time with those who matter the most and more ease and happiness to our lives.
  • HOLISTIC PRINCIPLES IN A NEW, EXCITING WAY – We teach what we do and do what we say. Keeping up with the latest tools while implementing foundational business principles is what keeps us and our clients winning.
  • GENERATIONAL WEALTH – We believe in developing impactful, healthy businesses, and wealthy business owners who create a legacy for the generations to come.


Avenue is on a mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs towards bigger impact, less stress, better profits, and more joy.



We are on a mission to build an amazing team of coaches and consultants in many countries Worldwide. This means, when you work with us, you get access to the whole team’s expertise. We certify growth coaches who want to work with their clients in their chosen industries, countries, languages and niches.


Our clients need our help, and they trust us with their dreams, businesses, and money. This means our certified coaches have relevant experience, and willingness to learn advanced growth strategies, and develop in their profession. We are serious about business but never boring.


We also believe that mistakes are part of building a business to be proud of, so we are not perfectionists. We know it’s far more important to get that idea to the market fast and figure out the rest while we fly. We also know that to accomplish anything great, it requires consistency and persistence.


Growth is not an accident – it requires strong, bold leadership and a holistic strategy. We help our clients grow by implementing fundamental business principles in a new, exciting way. We don’t teach you one piece of the puzzle, but the whole puzzle… always tailored to meet your unique vision, intentions and situation.


We fundamentally believe that building and growing a business should be fun. You see, without fun, why bother? Whatever it looks like to you, make sure you have fun doing what you do. For us, it means that we get to get up every day and do what we love to do, work with people who make us happy, and make a lot of money doing that.