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Is your calling to help driven entrepreneurs and business owners succeed?

Ours too! Have you considered starting your coaching & consulting practice; working with growth-focused entrepreneurs and leaders around the Globe, and help them grow their businesses with proven systems and strategies?

Get certified in 3 months (or faster!) and become Avenue Partner

English, Swedish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish... We are building an international team of Professional Business Growth Experts.

We are growing our team, and we are looking to certificate a number of professionals to become Avenue Business Growth Coaches & Consultants.


Are you our new partner?


Certified Business Growth Expert can consult and coach individual businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, small businesses, non-profits, and medium-sized companies and help them increase revenue, profits and joy.

Avenue provides the partners with immersive training, a license to use our frameworks, access to our Partner Network with support, masterminds, and helps them grow their businesses by sending qualified leads and clients.

We will help you learn our frameworks, consult and coach businesses around the World and turn your knowledge, passion, experience and drive into a thriving independent business with proven systems and frameworks.

If you want, you can also be a part of our team, join our regular masterminds and develop with your colleagues. You also get to join our conferences & retreats in beautiful locations in Europe together with your colleagues.

You have 25 million+ potential clients in Europe alone

SME market size in Europe alone is over 25 million, according to the latest statistic from the EU Commission. These small and medium-sized companies are constantly thinking about how to...

  • sell more
  • improve profits
  • put together digital marketing and sales automation systems
  • create and execute a solid plan for international launches
  • design a more sustainable work – life structure
  • remove confusion and get more done

We are on a mission to help them achieve all that

More than ever before, people are actively seeking help to grow their companies. More than ever, business owners are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information available online.

And more than ever, they need clarity, systems, and frameworks that work for them, along with high-level personalized support and accountability.

As an Avenue Partner, you’ll be equipped with the strategies, tools, technology, resources, support and accountability to build a full/part-time business growth coaching, consulting and advisory company (or add new, highly leveraged offers to the business you already have).

You’ll get the step-by-step training to guide your groups through the Avenue For Growth program, host your own business, marketing, branding, positioning and sales workshops or even help clients 1:1 either in person or through online conference tools.

You will also be part a growing community of Avenue Growth Experts in Europe, who are committed to co-operation and helping their clients achieve the best possible results in their lives and businesses.

We are here to make it easier for you to start a coaching & consulting business doing what you love.

As a Certified Avenue Business Growth Expert, you work with your clients online, in your office, or at their premises. We provide online education platform and all the necessary tools and technologies so that you can focus on helping your clients grow amazing businesses.


We share all our proven tools, templates, frameworks, and workflows to market, sell and deliver high-ticket consulting & coaching services; Avenue programs or your own programs.


Get our proven sales and marketing system to sell high-ticket services and programs.


Get recommendations and implementation instructions for the best marketing and sales tools and technologies.


Get consulting & coaching agreement templates you can use in your projects.


Get consulting & coaching project delivery tools and workflows, structure for group consulting & coaching, onboarding, and client happiness.


As a certified partner, you get access to ready-made consulting & coaching programs that you can be delivered to your clients as long as you hold the license.


As a certified partner, you also get access to our team and network, boardroom calls and support functions to deliver the best results to your clients.
  • Your experience + our systems & frameworks = your business success
  • Ready-made coaching & consulting programs
  • Continuous business modelling, digital marketing, sales & leadership training
  • Build your own brand with our tools
  • Lead generation support
  • Ready-made marketing and sales materials: video, ad copy, email scripts, slide decks, books and tools
  • Meetups & conferences in beautiful locations
  • International network of colleagues
  • Online platform to enroll your clients so that you can focus on helping your client and remove all the headache of building an online coaching & consulting practice

We do things differently.


Hello, I am Tiina, the Founder of Avenue. My mission is very simple: to help professional, driven, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster. Why? Because I truly believe that it’s the best way to ensure an amazing life on your own terms, and do what you love.

Short bio: I’m a Finn living in Sweden. I’m married to a Swedish guy Jimmy from the deepest woods of Småland, and we have two small kids. I have a Master of Science in IT Engineering and a Bachelor in Business Economics. I have found a few global brands from design, events, to coaching & consulting, and my goal with ethe certification program is to help you to start and grow your successful business consulting & coaching company fast. And to build a team of rock star business professionals so we can help more people get to their dreams.

Will you join my mission?



If you have been running a business before, you have experience and expertise in areas of business growth, and special niche knowledge, we would love to have you in our team. You bring your experience and we bring our methodology; together it’s a winning combination!


If you already run a consulting agency, and want to add new products and services to earn more and run a highly profitable, leveraged consulting & coaching business – this is an opportunity for you. You add the products to your current business and build your offerings and client base effortlessly.


If you have a relevant experience working in corporate / business development, marketing, branding, sales, or leadership and you want to start your own coaching & consulting company – and want to get a head start, this is an outstanding opportunity for you.


Our team consists of coaches & consultants with relevant business experience and education. Furthermore, these are our non-negotiable key values.


We are on a mission to build an amazing team of coaches in many countries Worldwide. This means, your team is here to help! This also means, if you see your fellow coaches as competitors, we are not a match. At Avenue, we bring our individual brilliance to the table and help each other out.


Our clients need our help, and they trust us with their dreams, businesses, and money. This means you need to have relevant experience, and willingness to develop in your profession. We are serious about business but never boring. In fact, our clients know we’re hilarious, and really good at what we do.


We also believe that mistakes are part of building a business to be proud of, so we are not perfectionists. We know it’s far more important to get that idea to the market fast and figure out the rest while we fly. We believe that to accomplish anything great, it requires consistency and persistence.


Growth is not an accident – it requires strong, bold leadership. We encourage and help our clients to have the clarity required to make their big dreams and visions to become a reality, and lead themselves, their teams, and industries with bold confidence and conviction.

Be among the BEST


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    1. Request more information

    If you’re interested in running a profitable B2B consulting & coaching firm, work online, offline, and have a team of other amamzing professinals in your network, start by requesting more information about how we can help you.

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    2. Fill out an application

    If you’d like to become an Avenue Partner, we’d like you to tell us why you’d be a great addition to our team. You get to fill out some details about you and your business.

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    3. Let's talk

    We schedule a call to discuss the possibilities and go over the the details such as the certification program and your investment, and how we can support you. You will receive all the information you need to move on.

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    4. Enrollment & certification process

    Once accepted into our team, we will plan your certification program in detail. The certification is done online and through self-studies, joint workshops, and consultations with us. You can study and practice wherever you are, whenever you can.

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    5. Start working with your clients

    Once certified, you can start working with your clients and build your business! We will give you all the tools and systems for success, and send you clients we think is a great match.

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    6. Team work

    We are continuously supporting you in enrolling new exciting projects and clients. You will work independently towards your own goals, but have a team to support you on your journey. You will get access to our continuous training and meetups.

Where shall we send more information?

Starta a new exciting career

as a Business Growth Coach

You don’t need to spend years to build coaching programs, systems, frameworks and tools. As soon as you are certified, you can start enrolling clients and helping them. Materials, systems, even social media images – all ready and done by us!

Continuous development

What would it cost you to gain new skills and knowledge each year to be able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of marketing, technology, branding, and media? A lot.
Your yearly Certification fee covers all this. You are always up-to-date with your knowledge and have access to mentors and support.

Meetups & Conferences

You get to hang out with your fellow coaches at our amazing retreats and conferences. These meetups are a great way to get together, have fun, and develop some wonderful new ideas, skills, and friendships. (hint: we plan to organize future meetups in Marbella, Spain!)


We have build a state-of-the-art online e-learning platform where all our clients learn about business growth strategies & technologies: branding, marketing, sales, digitalization, PR, leadership… We combine e-learning and artificial intelligence to deliver the best possible experience for the members of our programs.


You can enroll your clients into our platform.


Your clients can join the classes taught by our experts, and you can focus on helping and guiding them towards their goals. This is a truly leveraged business model and you can serve clients working only a few hours/week (and still make a high income).


We have developed a specific model for consulting in groups, which is


As a certified Avenue Growth Expert, you get to run your own groups (or work 1:1 if you prefer that)


“How do I build my group?” “How do I run the group?” “What kind of support should I offer?”


All these questions become very simple once you learn our methodology and get access to all the assets we provide for you!


Your clients don’t want random tips


Without a framework, you’re just delivering random guidance. But your clients are looking for a proven system they can trust to deliver results.

That’s is why Avenue Method works so great.

It provides the members inside of our Programs a proven step-by-step methodology to get to their dream results. You, our certified business coach, get to help them to get there.


Dream job?

You bet.


avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature business modeling system to achieve maximum profitability.
avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature sales system to close 90% of your sales calls.
avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature marketing system to attract all the leads you desire.
avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature strategic planning system to set goals and achieve them.
avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature coaching system to run profitable group programs virtually or in-person.
avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature assets creation system to build scalable business assets.
avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature content creation system to publish the right content to attract the right clients.
avenue-logo (1)
Learn how to use our signature PR & media system to attract the media opportunities you need.

+ more


As a Certified Partner, you get to learn and implement all the necessary systems to start, launch, grow and succeed with your Business Growth Coaching & Consulting Company.


Building a business is a lonely game – we know it, you know it. That is why we want to offer the benefits of having a team of colleagues but still remain independent business owners.


So we have found a way to combine these two.


Business owners, just like you, come to us because they want to start and grow an idependent coaching & consulting business, but they also want to be part of a team, be part of something bigger. Our teams meet regularly for masterminding, planning, and fun. We do it online once-twice a month and every now and then we drop everything and travel to beautiful locations for a refreshing retreat filled with business training and lots of fun.


We want to provide this opportunity for as many professionals as possible, and have decided to keep the level of investment very low.


Including 1st years license
3 990 USD / 3 590 EUR

3 months certification program

1:1 consulting with our team

Access to all our materials, tools, frameworks

Access to all Avenue For Growth program materials

License to sell Avenue products

Your own branded materials: slidedecks, business cards, social media images, lead gen materials

Access to team chat (after certification)

Access to team calls (after certification)

1 / 3 / 6 months payment options available

OFFER RIGHT NOW: Start in May, 1st payment in September


Including 1st years license
5 990 USD / 5 490 EUR

3 months certification program

1:1 consulting with our team

Access to all our materials, tools, frameworks

Access to all Avenue For Growth program materials

License to sell Avenue products

Your own branded materials: slidedecks, business cards, social media images, lead gen materials

Access to team chat (after certification)

Access to team calls (after certification)

Custom-made website for your consulting & coaching business (excl domain, hosting)

Lead gen tools

ActiveCampaign custommade integration setup (excl AC account)

Call application form

Calendar integration

1 / 3 / 6 months payment options available

OFFER RIGHT NOW: Start in May, 1st payment in September

License renewal: 2 000 EUR / 2 300 USD for per year (keep access to team, training & team and rights to sell Avenue Programs)

VAT might be added accoring to the EU VAT regulations.

For full contract details, book a call with us.

This is a non-binding application.

We would like to know more about you and how we can help you.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Only Professionals

Our clients trust us to provide up-to-date knowledge in business, marketing, sales, media, and leadership. Our coaches will get all the training they need in order to help their clients to get results.

However, you need to have relevant experience, for example, have been an executive in a corporate world, or have built your businesses to success, and learned from your mistakes. Experience is not something you can get by studying.

What qualifications do I need?

Excellent question! And a difficult one … because, we have no exact qualification requirements, such as CV, education or anything like that. On the other hand, we are quite picky about what kind of people we work with, and of course – welcome to our team.

You need to go through the program and have completed the assignments we provide to fully understand how our growth methodology works.

We are a team of high achievers who love our profession and get better at it all the time.

We only work with serious business owners, and our clients are wonderful!

We do not tolerate whiners, dreamers who don’t take action, ego-driven fools, people who don’t pay invoices, or generally anyone who is ridiculously difficult and unpleasant to be around with.

We work with real businesses, so any kind of get-rich-quickly stuff, MLM businesses or any other half weird setups do not fit into our client profile. We are lean, smart and fun. Are you?

Also, we don’t compete with each other, we work together!

Why is there an application process?

Our clients’ and our team’s success is everything to us. That’s why we need to know we’re a fit.

Why is there a yearly reneval fee?

We develop our programs all the time, create new tools and support our partner by providing education, consulting and clients. We also market our partners by advertising their services.

In order to stay a member inside #TeamAvenue, we collect a yearly license reneval fee. Without a valid license, you no longer access the team, trainings, tools or own the right to sell our packaged programs, workshops and products.

What's the PLUS level?

We can put together a customized webpage with your branding, and install all the necessary marketing & sales tools for you, so you can focus on getting & serving clients.

Can I upgrade to the PLUS level later?

Yes you can.

What do we do on the call?

We talk about you, your experiences, and why you’d like to join us. And then we talk about us, and you get to ask all the questions you have.

Can I think about it after the call?

Of course 🙂

How long is the certification process?

The certification process is generally 3 months, during which you join a lesson per week to learn the methodology and group consulting system. During that period, you also get access to our online learning platform so you can study the materials.

BUT, if you’re in a hurry, you can study our methodology in our online portal, and get certified withing a few days or weeks. 

You can study the program as fast as you wish, everything is available online so you can access the program anytime you want.

After you have been accepted as a partner, you get to sign a licensing agreement, and after that: start your certification process. We will start with a private workshop, and you will get access to the training materials in addition to our program materials.

While you complete the certification, we create your tools and package your coaching materials. So, once we get started and if you have learned our systems and frameworks in detail, you can become certified as fast as you like. We will plan this together and support you all the way!

We open the certification multiple times per year and accept a very limited number of new certified growth experts per each round. Apply already now if you feel this is your new future!

When do we start?

Multiple times / year.

I live in different country than you

That’s a great thing because our goal is to become an international coaching company. We are particularly looking for coaches who want to serve their clients in various different languages. Our company language is English, so all our internal trainings are in English.

Our coach calls are currently during CET working hours since all our coaches are in Europe. We are flexible, can rotate the hours, and will find a good time for our joined group calls.

Why should I become Avenue Coach instead of building my own coaching company?

The answer to this is very individual depending on what you are doing and how it is working for you. But, we know a thing about building a coaching / consulting company … It takes a whole lot of hours to get together a system that not only provides clients with results but is also easy to sell, a pure pleasure to deliver and has high profitability.

We have built our programs for several years so you don’t have to. (you can always build your own program while you run Avenue programs)

And to be clear, you ARE YOUR OWN BOSS, but you use our methodology to work with your clients; if you want. If you don’t want, you do not need to.


One of our Growth Coaches is a beauty entrepreneur and trains her clients to become beauty entrepreneurs. Since she also loves helping her clients with business growth, she decided to certify as Avenue Growth Coach to have proven systems to provide both beauty and business training.

Another Growth Coach has been working as a graphic designer fro large organisations for 30+ years, and now has added another, very leveraged business model into her agency. This allows her to service more clients and enjoy better profits.

Another certified partner works full-time in her corporate job and plans to build a coaching business on the side, and transit when she’s ready for that. Since you decide when you host your coaching calls, maybe running a group program that meets online at evenings becomes your specialty, attracting clients in transition between full-time job & business!

My branding, how will that look like?

Your colors, your logo, your webpage. We can either help you build your website or provide the materials you can use to sell the programs and products.

The coaching materials will be branded with your brand, so use as your own materials as long as you have a valid license.

We recommend you add a small logo at the bottom of your website saying that you are a Certified Business Growth Coach, but if you don’t want, you don’t need. And a secret we don’t share with anyone else, our link is also an affiliate link which means that if someone clicks on it, and then buys any product sold on our website, you get up to 50% commission. Talking about a passive income stream. (shhh…)

I understand there is continuous education provided, what is that?

We make sure you develop in your profession. During the first 3 months of the certification process, you will be invited to a number of workshops to learn the methodology. We will also guide your personally to complete your certification.

After that, you get a full access to our growth program, advanced workshops, and meetups.

We have regular team calls where we cover your specific questions concerning your work as a certified business coach running Avenue programs.

We host conferences in fun places, and during those action-packed workshops, you’ll meet your colleagues and learn a lot of new tools and knowledge.

What if I want to quit?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but understand that sometimes our ways part. If you’d like to quit being Avenue Growth Coach, tell us about it latest 3 months before your yearly certification is to be renewed, and we part ways.

If we decide to part ways, you no longer own the right to use our copyrighted materials in your work, or sell Avenue products and programs.

What is my investment?

We want to provide this opportunity for as many professionals as possible, and have decided to keep the level of investment very low. Please see the options above.

Where shall we send more information?