We help you implement smart visibility strategies and tactics to position your brand as the leading expert in your niche.

If you’re about to build a leading brand in any industry, you want to position yourself and your company as an expert in the subject matter. Becoming an expert in one specific area doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to offer other, often related services. It means that you gain understanding and knowledge in the industry you’re in, and become a person who shares her knowledge in a variety of media, to become seen as a trusted source of knowledge, inspiration and innovation. 

Regardless of the industry, people don’t buy your products or services because you provide them, they buy because they have a problem they want to have a solution to. So the marketing methodologies we help you implement are based on you sharing your expertise and become seen as the go-to source for the people in your industry. 

Experts attract more clients 

Being seen as an expert in your field automatically attracts more clients than no-name brands and businesses. If you become the go-to source of information, innovation; the one that media and people in your industry refer to – you’re better positioned to attract the right buyers to your company. The more people want to engage with your services, the better the chances for you to select the ones you want to work with. Remember, we talked about the importance of having a VIP policy for your business? As a trusted expert, you’re more likely to be able to turn down the prospects who you are not meant to serve. 

Experts charge more

When you position yourself as the leading expert, you will also position yourself as the best logical choice for your clients. People always want to invest in the best possible alternative they can afford, so becoming seen as the leading expert, they are more likely to come to you instead of your competitors. 


This doesn’t apply to commodities where people want to get the cheapest, but you’re most probably not in business to become a commodity but to build a leading brand and company in your chosen industry. You want it to be the expert and the first choice that people dream about working with or buying from, and everything in your branding, product creation, and marketing should communicate that. 

Experts get more media opportunities 

Media wants to feature people who are known to be experts in the topics that interest their audience. Once you become known in your industry as the go-to source of knowledge, different media opportunities will start opening up for you. This might include magazine features or podcast interviews, or speaking gigs in the important conferences. 

Experts attract partnerships

If you’re looking to create partnerships in your industry, then positioning yourself as the leading expert helps. Other brands and businesses want to create partnerships with people of influence. You no longer need to be a traditional TV celebrity to make successful, profitable deals with companies, but your need to stand out in your marketplace to offer them something unique.

Example: an Interior designer would like to create a collection of furniture in cooperation with a large, multinational furniture house. This is a great opportunity for the designer to build large brand visibility and authority, and add another revenue stream to her business. But in order to get these attractive deals, she needs to position herself as the leading industry expert, give a reason for the furniture company to invest in the partnership. Being a great designer is just not enough.

Go from being nobody to be seen as the #1 choice to serve your industry.