Today I’m going to cover the 3 reasons why you should aim to position yourself as an expert in your industry. I held a talk about this topic in Marbella earlier this Spring, you can watch the (longer) replay of it here (CLICK).


Why is expert positioning THE strategy you should implement going forward?

Because, in today’s business world, particularly online, everyone has a voice. And some voices are clearly more loud than others. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are better; more knowledgeable or more experienced than you. They just shout louder.


Back in the days – there were barriers to entry to certain jobs and positions. There still are, many positions require you to have credentials such as higher academical education, work experience, and in many cases: connections.

However, as an entrepreneur, we can access the markets without any credentials, any previous experience, and without any relevant connections. Which leads to the problem caused by the missing barriers to entry: anyone can start advising, anyone can start publishing, and anyone can build a name for herself.


This is both GOOD and BAD.


  • Why good? Because there have never been as many opportunities to build amazing, global businesses as there are today!
  • Why bad? Because of the saturated market place, it’s very difficult to stand out. Most brands in any industry look the same, sound the same, and offer the same. At least it’s being perceived as the same in the eyes of the customers who don’t know better. If they did, they would probably not need your services, right?


So, this is where the expert positioning makes a big difference.


1 Experts get more clients

Humans always want to invest in the best, most expensive thing they possibly can. Think about it: if you CAN pay for the best dentist in your town to whiten your teeth, would you even consider going to the others, even if they’d be cheaper? Of course not. You want the best you can afford.

So, if you position yourself as an expert, people will want to work with you.


2 Experts make more money

Since you have expertise in something specific, the people will pay more for your services and products. Experts can charge more since their waiting list is long, and their reputation is high and wide. Also, experts have deeper knowledge and experience in the subject matter, and they can sell that expertise in several ways.


3. Experts get the PR & media opportunities

If you position your brand as the leading expert, you will also attract media opportunities that are highly valuable for your business growth. You will get opportunities to share your expertise online, offline and in different media. You might get local attention, get an invitation to speak in a national TV or be interviewed in an international podcast. All these media opportunities can lead to great sales if you know how to utilize them!