We work with experts, service professionals and iconic product brands who want to become digitally confident and build elegant, modern, and scalable companies.

Do you…

  • want to attract premium clients?
  • want to be seen as the leader in your space?
  • feel like your brand messaging is not quite on-point?
  • need to work extra hard to sell?

Premium Positioning™


In this project, we (re)position your business and brand to become the one and only for your audience, regardless of if you are a seasoned pro or a beginner with no previous clients. We use our proprietary framework to identify the key concepts that make your business different and create a messaging system that makes your marketing and sales work anytime, anywhere.

PREMIUM POSITIONING™ is the heart of your business. While traditional brand development activities focus on visuals and tone of voice, this goes deeper, defining who you are for the right person (a.k.a your perfect client, but also the other key players in your growth ecosystem) and what truly makes you different.


  • You have a hard time selling your services/products
  • You don’t quite know how to talk about your expertise so it actually makes sense to your perfect clients
  • You don’t know who to cooperate with, why, and how
  • You are not seen as the leading expert/brand in your industry
  • You find it difficult to create marketing topics and materials


  • You are confident in your message
  • You attract the best clients
  • You have a clear plan for attracting strategic business partners
  • Your marketing is relevant and easy
  • You command premium prices without feeling weird
  • You have a clear positioning in your marketplace


During the private, full-day VIP consultation, we will

  • co-create a fully mapped positioning with your Category Change Maker™ identified
  • get clarity on who you attract and what your differentiator is
  • design the custom pricing structure for different client groups
  • give you templates to create your premium brand assets


The project looks like the following

  • 3 x 2h workshops with breaks between the sessions (we can accommodate your time zones).
  • We meet virtually in our Zoom room
  • Designed for the Business Owner / CEO with or without a team
  • Written action plan delivered to you within 5 working days

This is perfect for you who want to redesign your positioning and go premium. 


Time: 1 day

Investment: €2 900 (+ ev VAT)

Find the date that suits you. After the scheduling, you will get a link to pay for your consultation. Kindly notice: we do not offer refunds once we have started the consulting session. If you need to re-schedule your day, you can do it until 48 (2 days) hrs from the beginning of your scheduled consulting session.

Not sure if this is right? 

Email Tiina and ask for details: