Avenue For Growth Program

Get Clarity | Make Smart Decisions | Grow a Profitable & Fun Company

tailored for you, a growth-focused, smart CEO of a modern company
with big ambitions.
We help you engineer your unique path to increased sales, better profits, and more fun.

Are you tired of growing your business alone, and ready to start working with consultants and coaches who can accelerate your results fast?


Growing a business requires a lot, and if you’re feeling confused, it’s most likely due to the following:

  • too much stuff online makes you over-consume and under-commit. You can’t choose which of the strategies are for you, and what you can just ignore
  • nobody has actually presented you with a proven plan connecting the dots. A plan that has a clear structure, direction, and milestones.

Good news: we have a plan. It’s simple and effective. It does require you to work, but when you do the work, you will see the results. The best part is this: you’re always just a few days away from a call where you can ask any questions you have!

Overwhelm is killing your progress leaving you overworked and stressed. We don’t want that! The Avenue Growth Systemallows you to focus on the right things at the right time to grow your business, regardless of the stage you’re at, and where you want to get.

This is how it works:

We first identify where you’re at. This is done together in a private consultation with a Certified Avenue Growth Expert. We do a 360 business assessment to understand your current situation and to be able to create a growth plan that suits you.

We will create a plan for your coming 12 months, and break it down to specific strategies and tactics for 90 days at a time. We set Key Growth Metrics and implement a simple tool to follow up on your progress.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? No, but we will help you all the way.

Have you been trying to launch but you only hear… nothing? It’s pretty normal, and we have a solution to that. It’s called: Concept That Sells Framework; a systematic way of creating something that people want to buy, and then offering that thing to them for a price that feels good for them and you.

Before this is fixed, no marketing is going to work. That’s why we normally start with this!

Are you confused about marketing? The chance is that you’re only focusing on the top-level activities such as posting on socials, or alternatively: not doing anything at all?

There’s a secret to marketing that works, and here it is:

  • you must know who you want
  • you must know what they want
  • you must know how to communicate with them to make them believe that what you have is the solution to their problems
  • you must have a system that moves them from awareness to purchase

It’s pretty simple if you think about it, yet so many businesses don’t spend enough resources to build the system. They ‘think’ they have done their marketing thing if they publish images on socials and use the right hashtags…

Sorry, it’s not working. Let’s take this thing seriously and finally build a SYSTEM that works for you.

Is your sales game a bit off? There’s a risk that…

  • you’re trying to push sales message to people who are not interested at all
  • you haven’t warmed up the right person enough
  • you don’t have a system that moves the sales process with ease and confidence
  • you flinch when you need to talk about money
  • you don’t follow up enough

Does any of these reasons sound like it could be a reason for your sales not working too well?

The great news is this: We have a plan for you! A selling system is one of the most fundamental systems we help you build, and it’s a combination of strategies, messaging, and technologies. Frankly: you need all these. Let us help you build your sales system!

So you’re fully booked with client work and no free time at all? Congrats on your success, but let’s get your life back!

Typically, we help businesses scale up by implementing a business model that allows them to move from 1:1 work to 1:many, many:1, or many:many. Most often the business model contains all of these, hence we need to focus on creating a model and infrastructure that works for you.

  • Is it an online course? Maybe.
  • Is it physical goods? Maybe.
  • Is it a group program? Maybe.
  • Is it a team of doers who can take care of your clients? Maybe.
  • Is it a packaged service? Maybe

We do not teach one-size-fits-all models because your business is unique, and you deserve a unique strategy. Let’s create yours!

Does technology give you a bit of a headache? We get it.

Our mission is to empower millions of small business owners to use today’s technology to get better results, faster ROI, and better life.

We are technology nerds (and proud of it) and our superpower is to help you untangle the technology jungle. We will guide you right in the digital transformation of your business; regardless if it’s about parts of your business (sales & marketing) or fully transform your business into the digital age (deliveries, operations & management).

Most of our clients don’t feel comfortable in the tech world, but after they have worked with us, they do that indeed. For it’s important since we want you to feel comfortable in making strategic decisions and technology is part of those decisions when you are growing.

Some others feel so excited about their new skills that they build new businesses in the online space (which does require standard technical understanding, no matter what some other coaches try to tell you).

Let’s simplify your tech together!

Are you ready for a team yet don’t know where to start? Or, do you work crazy hours per week but the idea of having team members intimidate you? We can help you put together your profitable dream team!

Virtual team?

We know where to find highly qualified virtual team members, how to contract, train, and make them become part of your dream team. We help you put together simple SOPs for making your team helping you turn a healthy profit. We have ready-made SOPs you can use and get your team up to speed in no time!

I have a long experience as a manager and have also run my company for several years. Even as an experienced manager you sometimes get stuck, and especially if you are an entrepreneur with your own company. It’s good to have someone outside who can coach you forward. If you have a long experience yourself, it is even more important to find a coach who understands your situation and can coach you at the right level.

Then it’s not about having the support of someone who knows your brand, it’s about finding a professional for strategies and models, ideas, and inspiration to lead me forward in my business. Finding the right person for this is important, as you as an entrepreneur invest your time and money.

Tiina has quickly understood my situation, and guided me forward to feel good and able to lead my company forward. She has motivated and given me tips, she has inspired, and expected results.

Mariana Ramselius

Interior Architect at Silander Holst S.L


By the results I’ve got right from the start launching my company I can boldly declare that Tiina is a top professional in her business niche. I am forever thankful.

Ania Berggren

CSD Women’s Leadership Academy International

Avenue for Growth is a great program and cooperation with Tiina as a coach is educative. Tiina showed me many strategies and possibilities on my way to my own business.


Agata Ceglecka
CEO at AC Recruitment

What is your idea of SUCCESS?

A real business that's based on strategic ASSETS instead of trading hours for cash?

Considerably increased revenue & profitability supported by SYSTEMS that work even if you don't?

CLARITY on what you're supposed to do next to grow your business?

Understanding of the marketing and sales technologies and your unique GROWTH ROADMAP?

Complicated business problems SOLVED with a team of consultants and coaches who have your back?

Full control of the KEY METRICS to base your decisions on?

I have attended a lot of different educations during my time as business leader. What Tiina does is that her system connects the dots to make the picture complete. This is unique. I’m really excited to see how our results will improve in the future.

Barbro Axelsson


Durewall Institutet

I can highly recommend Tiina and Avenue. The program and the energy gave me the power to improve and walk further out of my comfort zone, made me more digital and crossed new boundaries. It was a pleasure and great business opportunity to work in her program.

Karin Holmström

CEO & Artist




  • Are a service provider, coach, consultant, product business owner, online business owner, speaker, author, expert…
  • Want to run a business with massive growth potential
  • Are ready to reach bigger markets and become a leading brand in your industry
  • Are ready to work smart and hard to get to your individual goals
  • Are ready to implement technologies that are required in today’s business environment to grow effectively
  • Understand that systems and processes are the keys to growing and scaling your business
  • Call the shots, ie you are the business owner


  • Are not serious about your business
  • Are not willing to do the work to get the results you desire
  • Believe there is a quick way to build a fortune
  • Believe you have all the answers and don’t need help
  • You’re not willing to invest in your growth


Honestly – you probably need both. We all do.

Avenue is a combined consultation and coaching program. This means that we work on both strategies and tactics, and the mindset and leadership. After been working many years as business consultants we have discovered that a company leader needs knowledge in the form of new strategies, techniques, and tactics, and support in the form of coaching, follow-up, and accountability. We also believe that you, as the visionary leader, must have a certain set of beliefs and rituals that will turn your actions to results.

We are experts in guiding you to the right strategies, right tactics, right rituals and help you build the right kind of belief system – depending on where you are right now, and where you want to get.


  • BUSINESS CONCEPT Designing a profitable business concept, scalable model, and assets that increase the value of your company
  • BUSINESS SYSTEMS Engineering systems and automation for client acquisition, building the scalable infrastructure and developing a world-class team
  • VISIBILITY & POSITIONING Getting visibility in the marketplace, designing the right positioning and authority,  and establishing strategic partnerships

We offer you consulting & coaching.


We combine online learning with tasks, joint consultation workshops, and 1-on-1 consultation with our certified growth experts and leadership coaches for fully customized strategies that you can implement in your business.

The curriculum is carefully tailored with busy leaders in mind, and our focus is to help you grow your company and systematize workflows to maintain a healthy portion of free time and fun in your life too.

The Avenue Process

Our proven process helps you get clarity on what you’re building, our consulting & coaching sessions help you implement the strategies, tactics, tools, and technologies, and our Business Management System helps you keep on track with your progress.

You cannot fail.

The Customized Avenue Experience


Our key goal is to keep you focused on the right activities right now. That’s why; our Growth System is built on levels.

See the overview of different strategies and tactics that we work on at different levels.

At this level, our focus is to help you develop a concept that sells, engineer your sales & marketing system, and implement a simple yet powerful content system that helps you get clients consistently. The key projects we focus on this level are:

  • Create a concept that sells. We will design a product/service, messaging, pricing, brand, and process to deliver amazing results for your dream clients.
  • Engineer a system for sales. We build a Social Selling System that works for your specific product, target client, and personality.
  • Set up a simple content system that is easy to maintain, and helps you attract your dream clients.

This level is about scaling. We help you create a solid strategy to grow and scale and implement the necessary infrastructure required for your business to grow. We also establish key publicity strategies to grow your audience and position you as the leading business. The key projects we focus on this level are:

  • Create a business model that scales.
  • Scaling your marketing & sales.
  • Put together a business infrastructure that allows scaling.
  • Position you as a leading brand in your industry.

Don’t know what your strategy level is?

Well, we will figure it out together in the program, but if you want to take a short assessment, email our founder Tiina and receive a strategy assessment!


We’re not here to give you random tips.


You will get a system for growth.


The system that you and your coach decide you should implement is tailored to your current stage, your business model, and your ambitions. No two companies are alike, that’s why we do NOT only focus on one business model. We work with coaches, consultants, physical goods businesses, designers, e-commerce owners, online course creators, travel agents, B2B consultants, photographers, designers…

There’s a systematic approach to growing and scaling a company, but the details are unique to you. That’s why you need individual guidance to grow your business.

The KEY GROWTH ASSETS for your business

You and your coach create a Growth Plan for your business and together implement the Key Growth Assets your business needs.

Implement rituals to make progress.
Make strategic decisions based on data.
Always know what to fix next.

ENGINEER a PROFITABLE business model
BUILD an ecosystem of products and services that SELL AT SCALE
DESIGN an attractive brand that your customers LOVE
SYSTEMATIZE your activities for better RESULTS
IMPLEMENT the best marketing and sales strategy for your business
AUTOMATE to get hands free
BECOME seen as the LEADING EXPERT in your niche
MEASURE the right things to make strategic DECISIONS
GROW with confidence

Without hesitation, I offer a glowing recommendation of Tiina.

After being introduced to her work and method, I decided to become an Avenue client and I must say my time and money was well invested.

Avenue is not like other programs that you don’t do anything with. It engages you to really engage your business and your leadership from the perspective of REAL growth which is all about having a strong foundation in vision, direction, strategy, and implementation.

Tiina really shines when it comes to operations. And the special touches she infuses into the experience, like the CEO Week’s, brings surprise and delight to the growth process.

Avenue has supported me in committing to reaching a new standard in how I lead my business. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Ozioma Egwuonwu
Chief Strategic Transformation Officer | TEDxSpeaker | Strategic Advisor | Keynote Speaker | Consultant



We offer a SYSTEM that takes you from A to B. A system that takes you from start to finish.


Flexibility to design your own experience


We want to offer you full flexibility to choose the level of support that fits your needs.


Not a one-size-fits-all program


It doesn’t matter if you want to launch/grow an online business, local business, or B2C/B2B services, or combine these into a winning concept. We work with several different business models and often combine different assets to create a unique growth system.


We strategize, measure, set correct Key Metrics, follow up on your progress.


In addition, we do it together in a small group of dedicated, cool business owners.


Workshops & Coaching Calls


We host masterclasses, workshops & coaching calls several times per month, which means you never have to go many days without talking to your coach and other experts in our team.


Private Coaching & Consulting


You will get paired with a Certified Growth Expert and can get private coaching Mon-Fri, as much as you need. You can also choose to work with our team of Growth Strategists and receive 1:1 consultations and help in your unique business strategy.

Where else can you get this level of expertise + support when and as often as you need, and flexible options that suit all businesses’ needs?



For us, your business success equals our personal success.

That’s why, we give you everything we got, and in return:

You commit to doing the work. Bueno?


  • First, you hire an expensive digital agency that does not give you the results you want (here’s a secret: digital agencies run traffic for you. It can be a great idea IF you have a solid sales system in place. If not, you’re throwing your money in the lake)
  • Or, you take a big, international online program without any individual support (secret: it’s not information you need, it’s implementation and support. Intellectually you know it too)
  • After that, you continue to various ‘Instagram success’, ‘Facebook advertising for beginners’, or why not ‘Webinars that convert’ because they all sound like that only thing you need to do to grow (shiny, shiny objects)
  • The next program may be somewhat unclear about mindset and how to attract business opportunities by being your true self
  • Productivity program to get quick results is always a good idea
  • Branding intensive you need too, as well as pricing workshop
  • And, don’t forget the “how to sell high-ticket offers” expensive high-ticket program (which, in most cases teach you to launch an online course even it’s not the right choice for your business model)


  • After all this and a lot of money poorer, you are struggling to get your stuff together…
  • You wonder who you can ask for advice in your specific situation…
  • And then you start following a lot of hocus pocus online…
  • Then you stop doing everything together because nothing works…

–> In hope that someone could give you a system that works for YOU.

No growth. Headache. Anxiety.


Here’s the thing: we know you want someone to look at your systems and determine the leaks, the weaknesses, and the areas of improvements, correct? No more driving blind and figuring how to actually implement the necessary strategies and tactics to grow your unique company.


Lack of personalization is THE reason you don’t get results by following a one-size-fits-all online program.


Each week we ask you to submit your current questions and we will go through them in a live Q&A call. Or, if you cannot join the group calls, you can get direct help from our team.




You don’t need to ‘learn more’. You must implement and take action.

This program is TAILORED for action takers who want to get results fast.