When we start working with a new customer, we do different assessments to be able to create a solid, unique growth plan. These are the 5 things we ask a business owner to go through with us.


What do you really want?

Everything scales. If you have a business that you no longer want to have, you’re scaling trouble. So the first questions we must ask are: “what do you REALLY want, and how does it look like when you’re done?”

For example, if you have a business and you’re doing work that no longer lights your fire, and then you want to scale… it will scale your misery too. If you LOVE your work, you want to do more of that, and you are ready to drop things, then of course we can scale up your business and scale back your time spent in your business!

  • Assessment outcome: big, firm vision
  • Coaching outcome: the right kind of business for you


What does it cost to make money in your business?

If a business has no idea how much their client acquisition costs, it’s impossible to create a model that helps them 10x their profits. So, you need to run the numbers to see if the business model makes sense.


This is THE reason we help our customer put together a sales system first, (for example inside the CIRCLE or if you want private consulting, then this would be your best choice), so that they actually have a system that works consistently.


Consistent customers coming through doors, and the consistent actions that lead to sales… consistent measuring the results so that we can make an EDUCATED strategy for optimising sales.

This is, unfortunately where most business owners put blinders on.

Well, we don’t, because regardless of how visionary leaders, creative and FUN we (and you, I believe) are, we take business seriously 🙂

  • Assessment outcome: correct Key Metrics
  • Coaching outcome: correct Key Metrics, because we need them. So they are either in place or if they’re not, we will help you identify them.


Can your current business model scale?

Many service professionals start with a 1:1 model, and while it makes sense to get started, when moving your business to the next level, this model is most likely not going to work. The biggest growth blocker is a maxed-out delivery capacity.


While most business coaches teach online courses and other digital products as the ONLY way to scale services, we have some more strategies in our sleeve.


This is NEVER one-size-fits-all, and thats why, business modelling for profit maximisation is a process that we love to help our customers through, to find that magic combination of offers, products, services, price points, delivery methods, and all that jam. I love this!

  • Assessment outcome: scalability score
  • Coaching outcome: a business model that is scalable, and ready to rock’n’roll!


How do you spend your time?

If you’re maxed-out time-wise, you need to create space for growth.

Growth doesn’t not happen by accident but by design. And to be able to have space for growth, you need to have resources for this.

One of the biggest blockers is a maxed-out capacity, which in turn creates overwhelm and stress, and the business owner wants to grow (in theory) but the idea of doing it is so scary because she’s already hitting the capacity ceiling.

  • Assessment outcome: capacity score
  • Coaching outcome: time for growth and becoming the next level leader you’re meant to be.


Do you like your business, brand and customers?

Many business owners find that they, in fact, don’t feel so passionate about their businesses. This doesn’t have to be a deal breaker if they know that this business is just a stepping stone towards their financial and lifestyle goals. However, the type of customers WE work with are passionate entrepreneurs who LOVE what they do; they are building their legacy and are 100% committed to it.

If you realize you’re not that excited about your business, you’re heading for trouble if you start scaling it. This doesn’t mean that we need to kill your business, but it means that we need to get real about what is it you LOVE and what you don’t, and engineer a business that lights your fire.

If you feel very strong about your brand; the essence, values, personality, whom you attract, and the visual elements of your brand… you are more likely to want to share it with the world. Scaling means stepping out of your now-circles and getting out there and radiating your brand. If you feel meeeh about your brand, will you radiate confidence?

Do you love your customers? Are they the type of people and organisations that you’ve always dreamed about doing business with? If yes, great, let’s bring in thousands of similar customers. If not, then we need to get back to the dream customer design board and decide who your new VIC (Very Important Customer) is going to be.