Your Technology Assets

Technology assets are the tools, systems, and technical infrastructure required to scale your business. These assets are a necessity regardless of how your business model looks like, what you sell, and how. In today’s environment it’s impossible to neglect technology and this is sometimes something that cause great deal of stress for non-tech founders and CEOs.

When developing technology assets, think about the following

  • No business will survive without technology, regardless of what they do, where and how.
  • The role of technology is to make your life easier, improve your delivery capacity, and increase acquisition. We like to think that each piece of technology that a business implements need to either make money or save money.
  • Be very clear on your processes before you start looking into technologies: a proper process mapping will not only help you identify the exact technologies you need, but also give you a great insight into what you can expect in terms of improvement.
  • If technology is not your specialty, bring in solutions architects and growth engineers who can help you plan and execute.