Building a business takes a lot – you need to know about and be good at so many things, so it often comes as a minor (or major) shock for many new business owners.

Not only do you need to be really good at what you do; the actual subject matter you’re in; but you also need to master marketing, branding, storytelling, sales, technology, effective client communication, planning, operations, financing… a lot.

And because of the number of different things we need to master, I believe small business owners, the ones who are thriving and successfully growing their companies, are the most educated people on the planet, regardless of their formal education.

Also – most of us have such a hard time understanding that we cannot do it all by ourselves and that every entrepreneur needs help.

So what’s the difference between a Business Coach vs Business Consultant?

Let’s start by looking at what different things coaches vs consultants do.




As you can see, both coaches and consultants help you with planning and goal setting, but that is actually where the similarities pretty much end. You see, many coaches don’t know the business side, and many times they don’t need to either.

A coach can help you through transformations without being the subject matter expert. But understand that you also need to have a consultant in your dream team. A business coach who doesn’t know how to grow a busines is of no use for you, if you’re looking to get the results your business needs. A consultant helps you implement the strategies and tactics; either for you or with you. A consultant has in-depth knowledge and experience in starting and building a business.

Not many business owners are naturally skilled at both the product side and the marketing side; not to mention all the other sides you need to master when building a business. In fact, it’s quite impossible to excel at all these, especially when you’re starting out!


That is why the ultimate person to help you grow your business is a coach who has the business consultant experience and can effortlessly switch between consulting and coaching.


Let’s put it this way: can you ever imagine an athlete or a top-performing artist survive without a coach?

No, I didn’t think so.


The role of a coach is very important in business too: it’s the person who keeps you accountable (consultants rarely so, other than when your actions or lack of them affect their performance), offers you support, direction and guides you through the fears and uncertainties that EVERY business owner faces.

Most consultants don’t have the capabilities of a coach. Most consultants are great at their topics, but they cannot, and will not guide you through fears and frustration. Also, most consultants don’t ask you the questions that you need to hear or push you beyond your limiting beliefs.

So which one do you need?

You need both. Ideally, if you can find both in one person, you should hurry up to work with her/him. A great business coach/consultant will help you get to your goals faster, safer, and cheaper than you’d do on your own.


That is why we combine both: COACHING & CONSULTING.

  • We create an individual path for you, depending on what you do, what you want to accomplish, and what your starting point is.
  • Then we make sure you learn and DO everything you need to get to your goal.
  • We also make sure you UNLEARN all the bullshit you don’t have to know, and only focus on your strategy and actions.
  • And then, we also hold your hand all the way.

You see, the things we do and teach in our programs are based on experience: tested, failed, and tried again. It’s highly important to understand the huge difference in being a consultant and working for someone else, and a being a business owner with the responsibility for the future of your business. Anyone can teach things that are printed in thousands of books – but not everyone has the real-life experience that you require, and deserve.