Two questions I’d like to advise you always ask when you’re (re)designing your business model:

  • Does it make you happy?
  • Does it make you money?

So many business owners are stuck in their chosen paths since they feel they ‘must be doing things at a certain ways’ because of the industry they’re in, or the way they have been operating their businesses for a long time.

If you have a business that’s making you miserable, why do you do it? ‘Cause there’s no other option? 

Think again, there are. Lots and lots. 

Does your business NOT make you money?

Why do you keep pushing that? 

I believe life and business should be fun, and the things we do for a living should be profitable. 

Now, if you have a business that doesn’t make you happy: change it. 
There are hundreds of ways to design your business, and even if you feel that ‘this doesn’t work in my industry’ or ‘nobody does that’… maybe that’s a sign for you to pursue that.

If your gig doesn’t make you money: stop doing it. Re-design, innovate, triple your prices, do whatever you need to do to make money.

Because, as cliché as it is: if you get to do stuff that makes you happy, and you also make great money and get to enjoy the life you want… you win. (and the best thing: nobody gets hurt, nobody loses. Everyone CAN win together)

If you need our help in designing your business model that makes you more money, more profit (make more, work less), and happier –> send me a message and if it makes sense, let us help you.