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I guess you probably think systems are boring, and particularly, if you’re a creative entrepreneur (which you kind of are, since by the definition of being an entrepreneur; you are creative), you probably love spontaneity and freedom.


So, you might think that by implementing systems and processes, you will get less creative and spontaneous?


Think again.

Every business needs systems. You already have systems in your business, for example, every end of the month (or year, depends on your business entity, country…), the taxes are due. So even if you don’t do your taxes, you still need to gather some data, receipts, and what not. 

You most probably plan your years, months, and weeks? You know how to set goals and measure them? Great!

Why is it so that so many business lack systems when it comes to the most important activities, like marketing, sales, onboarding, delivery, invoicing..?


Let’s talk about marketing systems

A marketing system doesn’t mean that you don’t get to do the fun stuff on socials! It means that you know how to convert clients from your efforts. Big difference! Also, having a system that’s working even when you’re not (or when you do, but not actively with your sales & marketing) enables you to have a continuous flow of new leads to your business.

The thing is this: if you don’t fix your lead flow, you won’t have new clients.

You can always grow with your current clients, but let’s face it: you need to attract new too.


Sales systems

How do you make sales? What’s your process? How do you present your offer to the prospective client, and get at YES in a systematic way?

This doesn’t mean that you’re tricking people to buy. It means you know how the process of sales works, from the first touch point to closing the deal. What happens in the between? What kind of transformation do you need to provide for your client before she is ready to buy?

And, how long it takes?

Knowing these milestones and the time it takes enables you to create a compelling marketing method that works.

I’ve seen too many businesses fail to follow up a prospect long enough to get the purchase.

Let’s say your client journey is 60 days on average.

Then you need to make sure you nurture your lead at least that amount of time, don’t you?


Onboarding systems

What happens when the client says yes? How do you handle the onboarding? Is it done ad hoc or do you have a clear path to get started? The experience you provide for your client at the beginning of her journey is crucial, particularly if you want her to remain a client for a longer time.


  • Systems will make you free.
  • Systems are the most important thing when you are growing your business.
  • Systems allow you to get your hand off from your business, and enjoy the true benefits of being a business owner.


Want to know what systems and how to implement them in your business?