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2022/12/13 14:00:00
…it connects the dots to make the picture complete. This is unique!
Barbro Axelsson
CEO at Durewall Institute

Learn the #1 GROWTH SYSTEM for profitable, impactful, and joyful growth used by thousands of small businesses in Europe & beyond.

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Growing a business can be simple

You know you are brilliant at what you do. You know you bring amazing results to your customers. What you don’t understand is this…

WHY is growth so damn complex?

while you know you want more... you're not willing to sacrifice your life in the process.

Does this sound like you?
I’ve got great news!

Hi, I'm Tiina.

I'm a Systems Engineer with long experience in the IT & Home Design Industries. I work with owner-led businesses in home, wellness and lifestyle niches who want to implement innovative growth models and systems to stand out and make a profit.

My unique methodology has helped thousands of experts, designers, small business owners, and CEOs grow their businesses. Some build profitable, elegant and fun service businesses, and others scale multimillion EUR global brands.

Either way, we do it by implementing our unique methodology that I'm so happy to share with you in this workshop!

This you?

  • You have spent countless hours online, trying to figure out the next trick to grow your business… yet most of your attempts fall flat or just don’t feel aligned with your values?
  • You know about all the tools that you could be implementing in your business, yet you have no time to figure them out, hence serious FOMO?
  • You’ve got customers but you also got no time for life, family, and the CEO activities required for you to take your business to the next level. You are tired of the hustle and ask yourself: “Is this really what I want?”
  • Or maybe you have just launched a business, and now you’re wondering… “what does it take to get customers? The “others” seem to be making millions of dollars using all kinds of cool tools, yet I have no luck in getting customers rolling in consistently…”

You're definitely not alone

and it doesn't have to be like this (6)
  • You CAN get all the customers you want, anytime you want, and grow a fun, profitable business without sacrificing quality and wellbeing.
  • You CAN charge premium prices for your services.
  • You CAN scale past your current stage even if it feels like you’re working all-the-time.
  • You CAN make the right strategic decisions at each growth stage knowing that you’re focusing on the right things at the right time.
  • You CAN design the exact type of business that fits your lifestyle and goals.


It doesn’t happen by accident but by decisions and design.

Would you like to learn what the 1% of successful small businesses do differently than the rest 99% who struggle?

They have implemented a Growth System

A system that is tailored for the stage you’re at, and helps you design a pathway to the next stage. A system that is simple to understand. A system that is repeatable and predictable. A system that helps you make the right decisions, and keep focused on the right activities to grow your business.

Learn & Implement The Avenue Growth System™

Business Concepts Design

Position your business as a premium, design your Signature Client Experience, and build a scalable model with assets that increase the value of your company. Design innovative, diversified revenue streams, and turn your business into a modern powerhouse.

Business Systems Design

Engineer systems and automation for client acquisition, and implement the digital infrastructure; tools, and technology that help you grow and scale without sacrificing your wellbeing. Build a digitally elegant company.

Business Expansion Design

Get visibility in the marketplace, design the right positioning and authority, and establish strategic partnerships. Grow internationally, expand your reach, build an iconic brand, and become known in your industry.

Imagine this

What would it mean to you if your received a SYSTEM that makes your growth simple and fun?

  • Reliable sales anytime you want – no need to hang out on every possible social media (in fact, none of them if you prefer so)?
  • A scalable offer portfolio with a clear structure and offers that are easy to sell, easy to buy, and fun to deliver?
  • Lots of time in your calendar for other activities than work?
  • Positioning in the marketplace as the expert offering high-value services or products to your customers who happily pay for them?
  • A lot of mental space to focus on leading your company instead of small, trivial, and unimportant stuff?
  • Never feel lost in the digital game again? Being able to master the digitalization of your small business and scale with ease?
  • Know exactly what to do next to grow your business?


  • Confusion about what to do to grow your business
  • No full picture of the future growth map
  • Unscalable delivery model capping your income potential, not to mention your free time
  • Jumping from marketing tactic to tactic in hopes of finding something that works for your business
  • Not quite sure what to measure to be able to make smart growth decisions
  • No time for leading your company to the next level


  • Clarity on what to do now to grow your business
  • A clear picture of your future growth map
  • Portfolio of offers ready to be scaled to the income level you want, without sacrificing your time and wellbeing
  • A clear structure for marketing that you can systemize, automate and stop worrying about (FINALLY!)
  • Know exactly what’s ahead of you when you level up to the next stage
  • Time for strategic growth and family life

So, how much money can I make with this?

As much as you want.

But let me be very clear: we are a Scandinavian business growth advisory company with deep respect for our smart, driven, wonderful clients. We focus on QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, and SKILLS over hyped-up, empty promises. That’s why, I won’t tell you how much money you CAN make, just like I won’t tell you what success looks like to you.


But, shortly:

Growth Stage strategies will get you to at least €100K per year, most of our clients make 300-500 KEUR.

Scaling Stage strategies will scale your business to €1-10 million if that’s what you want.

At Legacy Stage… well, there are no limits to how big you can grow. Also, this stage is about prepping your business to become self-managed and saleable, should you want/need to exit it one day (which you do, one way or another, for one reason or another).

In this 4-day workshop, you’ll

  • learn the key elements of an elegant, premium business
  • design a holistic strategy for your business
  • identify your current stage using our Growth Assessment Tool
  • identify the Key Growth Activators per stage: growth / scale / legacy – what exactly to do at your current stage and how
  • design the Growth Rituals that will help you to take your business to the next stage



01 PM CET / 07 AM EDT


The elements of a Premium Business that grows without sacrificing quality, wellbeing, and your family.

Result: you know how to turn hustle and confusion into an elegant, premium brand and business

BONUS: Avenue Growth Assessment


01 PM CET / 07 AM EDT


Every business is different, and to be able to know how to grow your specific business model, you need to identify your future vision, get clarity on the business and revenue models, and the specific activities and resources that will take you to your vision!

Result: your strategy and growth model are clear and you feel confident with your plan


Time depends on your stage


Your growth roadmap. Based on your current stage, you will be invited to the workshop that helps you implement the Key Growth Activators you have received as the result of your assessment! Learn exactly what to do to grow your business to the next level.

Result: your bespoke growth plan is ready to be implemented


01 PM CET / 07 AM EDT


Implement powerful rituals. Identify and implement the Growth Rituals that help you get to your goals. With the right rituals, you will experience more time and less headache, knowing the most important business activities get done, while you also have more time for creativity and your loved ones.

Result: your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly growth rituals are identified

Rather do this in a private consulting workshop? 

Book here: €2 900 + VAT.

Premium Brands Do Things Differently

(but it goes way beyond the “high price and pretty pictures”)

They understand the true value they bring to their clients. Their brand, client experience, pricing, processes, and communication reflect their value, making people trust them.

They focus on building the future business by creating strategic assets that increase the company’s value, operational efficiency, and personal joy.

They design and consistently optimize the systems and processes that improve the client experience and acquisition, free up capacity, and increase profits.

What’s their secret?

Let’s find out in the workshop!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for service professionals such as interior designers, architects, construction company owners, photographers, consultants, and coaches…

This is for product designers expanding internationally…

This is for online course creators…

This is for location businesses such as a spa, showrooms, or a store…

Anyone who’s looking to attract premium clients, digitalize your sales and marketing, and grow without sacrificing quality and wellbeing!

The Avenue Methodology is designed to help business owners who are already in business, have clients, and are now ready to make an intentional decision to GROW. Having said that, sure, you can join even if you are a beginner.

But, you need to know what your expertise is, and what you want to do, at least on a theoretical level.

The Avenue Methodology is designed to help business owners at any stage: GROWTH, SCALE, LEGACY. So unless you already have exited your business, then there’s a strategic roadmap for you too.

4 days of live workshops and an assessment for you to complete. Forever access to the recordings.

Don’t worry, you will get the recordings shortly after

Yes, yes.

We help you put together your own premium positioning message and plan, so unless you decide not to actually implement it, of course it works!

We are particularly specialized in growing and scaling product/service/experience businesses in the design and wellness space, but what we do can be applied to any industry.

Workshops are Tue, Wed, and Fri at 01 PM (CET) / 07 AM (New York) / 11 PM (Sydney).

Thu workshop depends on your stage: 09 AM, 01 PM, or 04 PM (CET)

Each workshop is approximately 60 minutes.

Tiina Wilen, the founder & CEO of Avenue Consulting &

Of course, that’s why we’re running this live!

We are a consulting firm with several options for getting help from our experienced team. Let’s talk about that after the workshop if you want!

Of course. If you don’t like this, we are more than happy to refund your money within 12 hours from our kickoff (during the first day of the workshop)

You will get a receipt from us that you can add to your accounting.

Then, as soon as we get closer to the kickoff date, we will send you an invitation and materials.

This is a consulting & coaching service with EU VAT:

  • If you are a Swedish company  –> VAT will be added.
  • If you have a valid EU VAT number –> no VAT is added.
  • If you are an EU company without a VAT number –> VAT will be added.
  • No business yet & in the EU? –> VAT will be added.
  • Brexit – still no changes to VAT stuff as far as we know… so the above rules apply.
  • If you’re outside of the EU VAT zone –> no VAT is added.

If this is confusing, please check with your accountant 🙂

More questions?

Send them to us and we will get back to you!